Saturday, January 9, 2010

here's to sweet husbands

I am never taking down the Christmas lights in our room. They make me smile as I snuggle into my bed.
Tonight Duke made a late-night smoothie run, just because I mentioned I was craving one.
Here's to husbands who even cater to "non-pregnancy" cravings.
Here's to husbands who still have a sense of humor after a few rough nights up repeatedly with a new-born.
Here's to husbands that keep their wives feeling young.
Christmas lights after new years.

Smoothies late at night.

The man I want... need... love.

I feel like breaking out into song.


Anonymous said...

You 2 are lovely! You seem to have such a happy marriage, and I'm glad to see there still are happy couples with kids.

emily said...

i love non pregnancy cravings! and i love christmas lights in our bedroom too :)

Jessica Bjorn said...

I love how much you guys are in love! You should make Duke (is that the right sudo-name?) gush about you on the blog!
^_^ These are beautiful photos btw.