Monday, March 15, 2010

when plans go south.

We hoped to admire the cherry blossoms blooming at our state capital.

Instead Sparky shivered and screamed, "I want to go home" for a half an hour while other pedestrians scowled at me like I was the worst mother in the universe.
Never-mind that home was an over-two-mile walk back.
I can't count the many times that my good intentions have not yielded a fruitful outcome. Sorry cherry blossoms. Maybe next year.
Just when we reached pinnacle of misery, I remembered that there was the sweetest coffee house, just down the street.
I tell you what; the freezing cold walk to the cafe sure helped them to appreciate their bagels and hot chocolate.
I've never seen them so well behaved in public.

I'm counting my blessings.


Scott and Lori Smith said...

Those trees are beautiful. Again, another thing I miss about the coast. But now you know how to get them to behave in public...freeze them, and then the treat them! :)

Trapper and Suzy said...

That sounds like a wonderful tradition to do with your boys. Even if it never goes the way you want, they'll always have those memories of you and cherry blossoms.

Lacey said...

I love the idea... and I love that I'm not the only mom whose kids decided to cry, "I wanna go bye bye!" LOL! Plus, the picture of Iggy with his hot chocolate running down his chin is priceless!

Great times, huh?

Kerri said...

I nearly had a heart attack. I thought you were talking about the Cherry Blossoms in DC, our nation's capital. I thought I had missed it again and this was my last chance to see them in full bloom. I got there a few days late last year. Nope, not til April 4th-ish whew!