Friday, April 23, 2010

The kind of man I married.

So just after work, my Duke goes outside to play with the boys, right? And he sees their playhouse is a little crooked, so he does an exam and realizes the blue side is upside-down.
I tell him to leave it because the boys don't even notice the difference. He insists on fixing it, going first to the house to change his clothes. I remind him that my brother jumped on the top of this thing to get all the pieces to fit together, and that it isn't worth the inevitable effort to get it apart.
So Duke explains "I'm trying to..."
"Break it?" Sparky finishes his sentence for him.
He pushes, pulls, tugs, rocks, turns, yanks it as hard as he can. Then he karate kicks it.
Below is a picture of him trying not to curse in front of the kids.
Poor toe. It's going to be quite purple.
Despite the set back, he conquers that playhouse. For him. But mostly...
For them.
Then he walks inside and notices one of the drawers is off its track. And here we go again.
I love being married to a man who does good things of his own free will. Who gives himself completely to whatever endeavor he undertakes.

I also love being married to a man who forgives me for rolling in the grass, laughing when he injures himself.


*Lesli* said...

i like it :) have a great weekend!

Brieanna said...

That's great. Joe is the same way, always fixing something. Poor toe :(

Team Cowan said...

Sounds all too familiar. :)

Kat & Paul said...

that was awesome! paul and i got a good laugh over that one! sorry matt...we really shouldn't laugh at your injured toe but it was so classic!

Scott and Stacia said...

Loved the pictures of Duke trying to fix the playset...he was pretty determined. I think I would be the one trying to karate-chop it and Scott would be the one saying "why fix something that isn't broken". He would eventually fix it because he would know I had absolutely no hope of getting that thing apart...and a unhappy wife makes an unhappy life :) Sorry about the toe!!

Anonymous said...


Marie said...

Hey Matt,
Great job!!! I love your determination to make it right.
Love MOM

Marie said...

Now put some air in the basketball.

Robert said...

Oooooh, the toe makes me cringe. I feel for you, Matt.