Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cheers, you all.

I've been busy.

1. Fashioning this bookshelf from cardboard-paper-rolls and an old bed frame.
2. Attacking Duke with soap suds when he comes home for lunch.
3. Collecting costumes for my upcoming photo shoot. (This weekend, woooo!)
4. Wrestling, hugging, diapering, dressing, bathing, disciplining, snuggling, chasing, nourishing, nurturing.
5. Laundering. Good heavens, it's ridiculous how many clothes we go through.
6. Marveling over the sheer sweetness of my life.

Yes, I've been busy. And my guess is that you all have been, too.

Gearing up for a lovely (and incredibly hectic) weekend, so I'll say my farewells and be back to posting come Monday. Oh, joy of joys. Isn't life too good to be true?


Brieanna said...

Very creative bookshelf. You should be proud you know how to use a power tool. I let Joe handle that stuff. Never-ending laundry, how I know it's ills, before Ella arrived, it seemed the house was always clean. Now, I pick up messes at least three times a day. I'm glad you are feeling so inspired. Love you.

Scott and Stacia said...

You never seem to amaze me!! How on earth do you have time to blog everyday with 3! I love your inspiring words and your energy (want to share some energy with me?) I love the bookshelf! Again can I ask when you have the time for these things?? I wish the clock would stop so I could do it all :)

Whitney Lane said...

Just wanted to say I love your blog!!

*Lesli* said...

cutest little faces! lovin' that bookshelf. I'm thinking of being totally creative this weekend, myself. Laundry laundry laundry. All the time. and I only have ONE :)

Anonymous said...

Long live the optimism! :)

Domesticated-Bliss said...

wow! you were extra crafty this week! love the bookcase!