Monday, May 10, 2010

The fisherman's wife shoot.

Saturday's photo shoot was so perfect. I couldn't have asked for better lighting or subjects. Talk about beautiful women. There were so many lovely photos, making it hard for me to choose which ones to post.
Two quick thoughts;

1. I have the most loving, wonderful, supportive husband in the world. Not only did he "let me" do this, but while we were off shooting, he set out ice-cream and sunday toppings for us for our return. He never whines about the horrendous mess this makes in our home, or the exceptionally elevated estrogen levels. As a sounding board for my ideas in the weeks prior, he listens gladly and is excited for me, though this isn't really his sort-of thing. I love him.

2. If you're ever feeling self-conscious, try hanging out in a crowded park taking pictures while countless pedestrians stop to see what you're doing. Soon, you will realize that most everyone is glad for your display of open silliness. One girl told me that she was quite self-conscious and I told her that hanging out with me will be a quick way to break her of it, because I'll have her doing all sorts of ridiculous things in public.
What a wonderful treat for the weekend. I've posted many, but certainly not all, of the good ones here. Enjoy and happy Monday!

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