Wednesday, June 2, 2010

blog moderation.

I came to the computer to post some sort of clever dialogue along with these pictures. But, you know what, my kids need me.
My baby is rolling on the floor whining to get me to make eye contact with him.
My oldest son has asked me several times in the last minute to watch him do some amazing trick.
And my little Iggy has been pressing the CAPS-LOck off and on while I've been trying to get my thoughts typed out.
There is a time for these things. Now is not that time. And as hard as it is to say "no" to things that are GOOD, sometimes we should, because there are things that are BETTER. Or even BEST.
Kids trump blog.

Farewell for now. :)

More pictures from this walk we took; here.


emily said...

well done. still witty even with kids pulling at your attention strings.

Brieanna said...

I love the pictures. I am learning that as well, even though sometimes I desperately need me time, when Ella looks up at me like, "mom, what are we gonna do now," I must act. She is #1.