Saturday, May 7, 2011

the perfect "friday night before mother's day" tradition.

You know those people that you just LOVE to be around because they make you feel so good?

Well, my Auntie Donna is one of those people. She is kind and thoughtful, funny and enthusiastic.

I want to be like her.

She lives here in town with my Grandpa and although she does quite a bit of traveling to visit her children and close friends, we are so blessed to get to keep her for a good part of the time.

Everything is just better when she's here.

So, she set up a lovely evening for us girls. A real treat in more ways than one....

I don't think the entertainment could have been any better either. Wonderful conversation, speculation about what heaven will be like, and dear Grandpa's no-teeth smiles while he waits for adjustments with his dentures! I just hope I can always keep that mental picture for rainy days.

Yes, I think she discovered the perfect tradition for mother's day weekend.

Thank you Aunt Donna. For a wonderful evening. And for elevating the spirits of everyone around you, always. I love you.

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Amy Snell said...

What a fabulous looking evening!! And dessert looks divine too :) Oh and is that a tiny baby bump I see!!