Friday, June 10, 2011

Impromptu field trip.

Elevators, stairs, automatic doors, drinking fountains, desks, sky bridges, long hallways EVERYWHERE, and pretty-much free reign...

The community college is calling to you.

Did I mention snack machines?

And incredibly nice janitors?

If your town's campus is anything like ours, there will also be a GIANT sandbox!

Can you believe we were originally headed to McDonalds for a cookie and to play? That would have been so boring! (Well, my kids might argue that point, just a little.)

I love impromptu field-trips.

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Rachel said...

When my dad was a student at CCC my sisters and I would have to go there and babysit ourselves. We had the BEST time and would run all over the place, much like you and your boys did! Except we never got vending machine treats; we were deprived as children.