Friday, June 3, 2011

we did it!

We stayed outside all night long, although it was a rather short night in our books.

Since we usually are all up and moving around 9am, 5am was a bit crazy. We came in and sat on the heater together, then put Fitz back to sleep, set up a movie for the older boys, and went to bed ourselves.

We just woke up (10am) to a house that has been totally attacked by a two-year-old with a four-year-old accomplice. But Duke and I feel pretty well rested and it's nothing that can't be put back together.

Moments I almost gave up:
*when the kids' excitement manifested itself in their stomping all over mom and dad right before bed.
*losing a binky in the dark.
*Fitz panicking in the middle of the night, loud, with little response to any soothing attempts.
*tossing and turning with a pregnant belly and an extra kid in my sleeping bag.
*waking up and realizing I had to pee, just like I do same-time-every-night, and deciding to hold it, banking that if I went in, I wouldn't come back outside. It was freeeeeezing.

Moments that made me glad I didn't give up:
*when I awoke to a very cold but excited Iggy.
*singing songs to Fitz in the dark until he fell asleep on my belly.
*waking Sparky up with the other boys, by tickling his lips, then seeing his big, sleepy smile.
*listening to the trains pass.
*an overall feeling that we did something fun together, as a family, that they might remember.

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joolee said...

ha! that's awesome. props to you. and what the heck? your kids are up at 9am? 5 or 6am is the norm at our house...oh it drives me batty. cora cries like a fire engine and wakes up the other two...