Friday, July 15, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Celebration

We had the remarkable pleasure of attending the kick-off dinner for our city's Art Fair, representing Duke's company. It was a renaissance-themed event, with unique music, delicious dinner, charming (rich) people, and many thoughts shared on the general loveliness of all-things-art.

I had to share a few pictures of the fantastic centerpieces; sculpted dolls by Lulu Moonwood.

The dressing-up has gotten us hyped for this weekend's renaissance faire where we'll be helping at my dad's sword-booth!

Isn't it a wonderful life, made ever better by the quirky experiences we have while seeking a bit of culture.


Staci said...

you two give me butterflies

Laura said...

Okay, so this may sound a little weird, but I've thought it before, and seeing you in that outfit makes me have to tell you that you remind me a lot of a figure in a painting by James C. Christensen called Evening Angels. In case you've never seen it, here's a url to the picture:
(I don't know how to do actual links in comments.)
You're the red haired one, as if you couldn't guess, (even though your hair isn't so red anymore) and her name is Gwyneth.
It's actually the cover of one of my favorite CD's which was inspired by the art, in case you were curious. Inside the cover it gives a little explanation about her name:

"(Welsh Gwynaeth) meaning happiness or felicity, Pride... controlled passion... spunk... spirit... befitting her Celtic heritage..."

I think that fits you perfectly --if you don't mind my saying. The painting, however, could have been improved if he had used you as a model, because then perhaps she'd be smiling a little more.

Megan Marie said...

Laura, what a lovely comment. Thank you for sharing the picture, which I loved, and for the very nice compliments. I also LOVE the name definition, love love love love. Thank you for sharing!