Thursday, July 21, 2011

this belly.

30 weeks. It's becoming difficult to move.

I have to crane my neck to see my feetses.

Standing from a floor-seated position causes me slight embarrassment.

I am so happy. How am I so happy? In the past I have been a mess of nerves; an anxiety ridden, uncomfortable basket-case through pregnancy.

Here's the "happy" formula I have going now that plain and simply must be working...

1. I set a little time for myself each day to read my scriptures and apply the words to my current state of being.
2. Duke and I have been tidying the house together in the evening, just after we put the kids down, for just a half-an-hour or so. I wake up to a clean kitchen and it feels wonderful.
3. I make sure that I eat and that the boys eat regularly. I know it sounds like a no-brainer but I can't tell you how often we've been about a half-hour behind schedule and the world starts to fall apart. They still mooch food like crazy through the day, those growing, young men, but at least they're not as miserably cranky as usual.
4. I make sure that each of the boys gets to spend some (hard to coordinate) "alone" time. I figured that if I need a moment on my own to recharge, they must, too. Wow, what a difference in the way we treat each other! That break helps us appreciate and make good use of the time we have together.
5. I take the time to stretch out like a cat when I feel too claustrophobic.

Or maybe the secret is that I am carrying a divine, peace-maker personality. Maybe he or she is calming me from the inside out.

Oh, golly. I am figuratively waiting on the front porch for this baby to come home.

Love you already, little one.


janandtheboys said...


Trina said...

You are so sweet Megan! Such an inspiration.

vintage summer said...

so sweet! i was an absolute mess in my first (and only) pregnancy. i am hoping & praying my next one is different. i am glad yours is better this time. xx

Crystal said...

: )

Laura said...

Wow, I wish I could be as calm and collected and organized as you. I am going in for an induction tomorrow, Ack! I hate to rush him, but at the same time I feel like he really wants out by the way he kicks and scrambles inside there. Peacemaker? I'm not so sure, but he'll be tough enough to survive his older brothers. I feel okay about the decision though.
Thanks for your great example and ideas of how to be more at peace. I will definitely use them the next time around. Hopefully my fourth pregnancy will be as happy.