Monday, August 15, 2011

the garden of eden.

Singing the Chicago soundtrack. Isuzu Troopers. Free sodas from sketchy stores. Running away from home for a week. Playing in the rain. Making silly movies. Big, mean cats. Harry Potter premieres. Softball games. 6am breakfast at Court Street Dairy Lunch. Rock-n-Roger visits. Almost failing P.E. Singing badly into microphones. Getting lost in the woods. Canoes. Trying to take senior pictures when I wasn't really a photographer. Consistently tagging along with a bunch of people I don't know. My two cents. The zoo that one time.

Stooph, you are a huge part of what I loved about high school and the time thereabout.

Now my kids get to love you, too.

Thanks for letting us come visit the garden of eden. And for filling our tummies with berries. And for telling us that we could probably sneak in there and pick your parents' produce any time without them noticing. Forbidden fruit, yum.

Thanks for loving his goofy smile.

And for teaching us all to make music with blades of grass.

And for letting my children draw on your face with berry juice.

Thanks for coming around from time-to-time and letting me bask in your glow.

I love you.


Stephanie Marie said...

I love you! And your kids!! I might just have to move back to Oregon. It is too much fun.

Laura said...

yay stooph! she is so pretty. i'm glad you guys had fun!

you can call me aunt choody said...

Oh, happy.