Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I no baby.

Duke called to Fitz, "Come here, my baby." Fitz ran the other direction yelling, "I NO BABY!"

I think he may be a little conflicted though, because when he thinks no one is looking he keeps trying on his sister's accessories and sneaking into her bassinet for a little rock.

When he came to see us in the hospital he was mad at me. He wouldn't let me hold him. He even walked right up to me, hit me, and then walked away. We had been spending a lot of quality time together and then I up-and-disappeared. He's not mad anymore though. He's a forgiving kind of a person (good thing, too, considering what his brothers put him through).

He hasn't taken any of his frustration out on the baby. He ignored her a little at first but now he's right in the thick of the (frequent) fights over who gets to hold her first.

Earlier today he saw me setting up a little scene for a baby photo and he sat right down in the middle of it and said, "cheese." I know that as we work hard to make individual time for each of our sweeties, they will grow in self-confidence and happiness. I also know that sharing us with their siblings will necessitate their becoming more loving, considerate, and patient. All good things.

"I NO BABY!" He yelled. "You will always be my baby" Duke replied.

PS- You notice how Fitz has negative sideburns? We've been waiting for him to get hair on the front sides but it's just not coming! Anyway, during church we witnessed him pinching little tufts of hair and yanking them out. Funny kid.

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