Sunday, October 16, 2011


If I claimed that I desperately missed being Primary president, I'd be fibbing. But I'd also be telling a white lie if I said I wasn't a bit sad to go.

Today was the Primary program (when the children 3-11 all sing and speak in church) and it was delightful to just be a mom. It was my oldest son's first program and I was tickled to sit with the congregation and be incredibly proud of my baby instead of crouching on the stand holding a flip-chart with who's-up-next pictures and basically missing the event due to extreme stress.

Since the two things that I am going to miss most are 1. the hilarious things the kids tell me each Sunday and 2. coming home from church with a stack of gifted artwork, it's appropriate that the children said their goodbyes through sweet drawings. They didn't disappoint in the comedy department. I simply must share a few (with my last name blacked-out).

Most were sweet and darling like this...

I loved this beauty. Check out the first full sentence.

If it doesn't work out, we'll just call the gypsies.

I'm assuming the following note was in reference to child-birth?

And finally. Unsigned...

Good thing I've got a house full of children of my own to tell me sweet things, make me laugh, and even occasionally call me a cow.

And good thing I've got a cute baby to bring to each Sunday to attract all the children I so dearly love for short visits after church.


Teresa said...

How sweet that you got letters from the Primary children! I didn't recognize my children's handwriting. I wonder how Henry incorporated Angry Birds into your having a new baby. The "hope your baby girl works out for you" note makes me laugh, as does the "I bet it wus not fun" note. Oh, my. I don't know what to say about the cow one... Someone had a very naughty attitude!

Bridget said...

Ha, hahahahaha! My favorite are the drawings from Jacob - what fun! Thanks for sharing.

Megan Marie said...

Teresa, I'm pretty sure that I know exactly the kid that wrote the bottom one. The same little guy that yells things like "raise your hand if you love to drink coffee" and "I wish I had a bomb right now" during sharing time. I love him so much. We would go on walks together to calm down and he'd hold my hand and we'd look at spider webs. And he really liked me. I'm not fooled by his mean cow comment. It actually means a lot to me that he's mad at me now that I'm gone.

I love your Henry's. It said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" with a bunch of balloons. And I'll have to look through and see if I can find Jenna's. :)

Scott and Stacia said...

I was laughing so hard that my boys came in to see what was going on. How darling that your primary made you letters. It totally makes sense that the cow one would be from someone that will be missing you tons! How great that you know the kids well enough to know who wrote the ones that were not signed. I bet you were amazing as primary president.