Wednesday, November 9, 2011

come in for a visit.

First off, Megamind will probably be playing on the computer.

When you come over, you'll find that sister (who I've decided to call "Moe" for blogging purposes) will have been dressed by Iggy. He chooses what she will wear each day. It all started a few weeks back when I was doing laundry in the garage. I'd latched the lock on our bedroom door with the baby inside, just to be safe, but when I walked into our back door I heard her crying quite loudly. I found her laying in the middle of our bed, in only her diaper, which was not a happy sight considering I left her in her bassinet fully clothed. Iggy came running in with the pair of her tights that he intended to squeeze her into. He was shocked to see me. So, after having one of our many "she-is-a-real-person" discussions, we made a deal that he could be her personal stylist so long as I was present to be his helper. He loves her like crazy, and shows it in exactly his way.

When you come over Sparky will probably be holding Moe. Or kissing Moe. Or cooing at Moe.

He'll be the first to volunteer for any baby-related duty. He'll hold a bottle. He'll get a fresh diaper and carry off the used one to the garbage. You'll have to wrestle her away from him. I laugh when he talks to her because he uses the same voice inflection and phrases as I do. It's like hearing a recording of myself played in a higher register. "Hi. Hello. Hey, baby girl. How's my darling? Awe look at you, sweetie girl!" Yes, like Iggy, Sparky loves our little baby. And he shows it in his way.

When you come over, Fitz will provide the entertainment. He's taken a blind leap into the terrible twos (which I've found actually start much sooner than their second birthday). He's been making messes to top his brothers before him. Messes with my stuff. Messes with daddy's stuff. Messes with his own poop. You name it, really.

He's seemed a little indifferent to Moe since the initial excitement of her arrival is winding down. I think he might be a little bit busy in his pursuit of mayhem. We've been calling him "Minion" and giving him the compliment "you fantastic fish, you." (That's a Megamind reference. You know, that movie that we watch every day.) To him, I think she's about the most boring toy he's ever seen.

A baby doll that he's not allowed to pick up.

But when he thinks no one is watching, he'll give her a little smooch. If we put all the boys into the car but leave her in the house, saving her for last, Fitz will yell her name over and over until she's secured in her proper place. The second she makes a tiny peep after a snooze, he comes to me and tells me I'd better go take care of her. Then, while I'm taking care of her, he empties the garbage out all over the carpet. Yes, he too loves tiny baby in a way that is entirely his.

This morning he slipped in the bathroom and bit through his lip (see owie above). Luckily Duke was only one foot out the door for work so he took him in. No stitches necessary. But don't worry, I'm sure he'll successfully manage a few within the next few months of perpetual chaos. I'm actually really glad for this crazy time with him. I feel like it's his turn. I feel like this phase helps me to spend the time with him that he needs right now. I feel like being a middle child and youngest right before a first girl would really stink. Now let's see if I can keep this good attitude when he dishes out some really awful twoishness.

Depending on the time of day you come I'll be serving breakfast. Or lunch or dinner. Or I'll be cleaning up after breakfast. Or lunch or dinner. Or I might possibly nursing or pumping. Basically, I will be making sure my family is fed. You can bet on that. Life is one blissful routine and I am sublimely happy with that (for the moment). I'm planning to enjoy the peace before the inevitable, unsettled yearning for change hits me. At which point I will probably try to take up some sort of hobby that will become miserably frustrating for me because I have no time for it. Then I will have a nervous breakdown. Then I will restructure my life to focus on the most important things. And I will again establish peace in our home as I nurture my children with all my heart. Michael Finnegan-begin-again.

Oh, one more thing. If, while you're visiting, you happen to ask me what's on my mind, I will probably mention my gratitude for the outpouring of love from friends, family and fellow bloggers on us since Moe was born. We have been touched by the many thoughtful gifts, and extremely remiss in our expression of thanks through cards. I promise we've not forgotten and we feel both blessed and humbled.

I know I've just invited you for a visit, but in a way, you've already had one!

Thanks for coming by, dear friends and family.

Much love,
Megan Marie


Bridget said...

I loved your comments about routine and focus.

Thank you for polishing the pickles your boys get into and sharing the sunny, shiny side with us. It's meaningful.

Trevor and Amy said...

Megan I love you blog! Your pictures are beautiful and so is your darling family!

Trapper and Suzy said...

I love the-cycle-of-life-after-a-baby schpill. Feeding, feeding, least you're find a way to release your thoughts about all of it instead of bottling it up until you go crazy. You're doing a fantastic job being a Mommy, and I admire you so much.

Laura said...

I totally relate to the never-ending-feeding-the-family scene. I'm right there with ya. I can also relate to the 2-year-old-is-into-everything-while-I-breastfeed act. But life moves forward, and the seasons pass so quickly, I don't want to forget a minute of it. I wish I were as talented as you at preserving things in beautiful pictures, and I wish I had your way with words. I know things aren't always as rosy as your blog makes them seem --if they were I'd believe I was doing something terribly wrong-- but I appreciate how you look on the brighter side, all while keeping it real. Thank you for your inspiration.