Friday, November 11, 2011

dear jemayla.

i miss you so badly. i wish i could be with you while you prepare for your sweet baby girl. and since you're pregnant, it would be so much easier to make you pee your pants laughing. but then i would probably pee my pants laughing, too.

we could make a sequel to our alien invasion movie. or hang a bunch of stars from the ceiling and just lay on the floor for an hour staring at them. we could go ice-skating or sledding or see a basketball game and yell awkward things at the players.

mostly i wish we could have a house-warming party for you (since i've never even seen your lovely place). and by that i mean i wish we could dance-party so much that we heat your house to an unbearable temperature. then we can run outside barefoot in the snow and feel incredibly privileged to be living life to the fullest when all the other people in the world are sleeping.

tonight i put some music on while i was cleaning. then i started to dance. then i started to miss you so badly. as you can tell, my dance moves are getting a bit rusty. it's a lot harder to come up with new moves when you're not there to make me feel extra silly.

i really hope our daughters grow up and miraculously find themselves as roommates in college. at the risk of sounding ridiculous, i'll say it was destiny that we were thrown into that dorm room together. cheesy, right?

remember the day after we met when we played and played and played and then fell asleep while watching peter pan, so comfortable with one another, like we'd always been best friends?

remember when we would stay up all night talking so often that when we actually did decide to get some shut-eye we had conversations in our sleep?

remember when spring started to come and we celebrated by chasing random pedestrians and trapping them in a blanket?

remember how you wouldn't take your backpack off until you did your homework so you were always wearing your backpack at the dinner table and while we were watching movies?

remember when we both got married to wonderful men?

remember years later when we were the luckiest, saddest married girls who got to room together again while our husbands could not be with us for a semester?

jemayla. i have another cheesy thing to say. having you in my life is one of my favorite blessings ever.

let's take our husbands backpacking in europe together someday (since we already promised them we would). for reals.


alyssa suzanne said...

love that girl.

The Heathen Caboose said...

Oh Megan! You make my heart soar! I have loved every moment of those adventures and I know we couldn't have done them without each other. If our daughters are as privileged to be so nutty and adventures, that would bring me great joy. If not, they'll be learning from pros and we'll show them how it's done. I am so excited to share more adventures. Europe will come and so much more before then I'm sure. Love you!

The Heathen Caboose said...

I didn't get to see the movie. I want to see the dancing sensation!!