Wednesday, November 2, 2011

my rookie mom day.

I woke up sweaty. I've been waking up sweaty a lot, which is just part of falling asleep with a nursing baby cuddled up to your body. Most days I can pop a movie on for the bigger boys, lock the baby in my room for safety, and drag Fitz into the shower with me, emerging fresh and ready for a peppy day. I woke up late. I've been waking up late a lot, which is part of staying up too late to soak in the grown-up, post-dinner dinner party. Yes, we've been eating two dinners a night. No, it hasn't been good for our self-esteem.

Anyway, I got ready make-up and all. Whenever I am gross and I try to cover it up like that, I feel like a total phoney all day long. Like, "I'm obviously a tired mom, I should just embrace it. I wish I was wearing sweat pants right now." So you can imagine my mood as I entered the ballet studio late with a haphazardly dressed dance student and his rowdy fan club. I spent the entirety of his lesson hiding in an empty classroom while I nursed baby, yelled at her brothers for touching things, and listened to the dance instructor's voice constantly reprimanding Iggy in the other room.

If that wasn't enough. Dentist appointments, anyone? All three boys? Let's do it. Again, I nursed darling baby, this time in the car. I made the rookie mistake of letting all of the kids out of their car-seats first. They emptied the contents of the diaper bag all over the place. Fitz found the toothpaste and brushes that I brought along to use right before entering the dentist. (I wonder if that last brush actually fools the hygienist into thinking you're a diligent enforcer of oral hygiene.) With the toothpaste and brushes Fitz decided to wash the car windows. Iggy got his fingers caught in the consul between the front seats. Sparky fell from the top of the back seat to the floor and hit his head. They all changed every dial in the car. And I sputtered empty threats, firmly planted in my seat. Nursing. Man, I love that I can nurse but it has been a big trial this time around.

My kids are really good at calling my bluffs. I'm pretty sure that the rookiest mom mistake of all is issuing an empty threat. They know if I have no intention of turning the car around. They know if I want to be on the play-date so badly that I'll not leave until the other moms leave. They know that I won't tell the dentist that they aren't allowed to have a sticker. They were pretty rotten, but they still all got those sticky-rope toys that are perfect for flicking each other.

For the most part I am really enjoying my children these days. But today I woke up sweaty and I wanted to blog like it. I couldn't possibly blog like I had it all together. I have my figurative sweats on today.

And now that I have gotten that out of my system, I can go on gushing about my adorable babies and positive outlook. I can reflect on the day and laugh at things. Like the top picture of Fitz. I think he tried to give himself eyebrows while we were waiting in the car. He's been pointing out everybody's eyebrows lately and he saw me pencil mine this morning. Heavens, he makes me smile.

Attitude officially adjusted.


joolee said...

ha, we all have those days! thanks for sharing it and reminding me i'm not alone. before i sat down to nurse, i always had to collect a pile of things to throw at the older kids. pillows, animals, you name it, nothing too hard. ;) it's so frustrating to be stuck nursing and all you can do is yell and reprimand while they do whatever they darn well like... and threats and bluffs? yes, those are tricky to navigate.

Scott and Lori Smith said...

Can I just say how refreshing it is to know that I'm not the only who has days like that? Mine are not matched to yours as I only have Addi right now...but you make it sound like I can have more and just might survive! Love you and your family dear. Next time you're nursing in the car, think of me in the car next to you...doing the same thing and giving you the "I know how it is" nod.

robin said...

great post. you are always inspirational, even with your sweats on.

HandsomeRob said...

Sounds SO familiar!

Anonymous said...

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