Thursday, August 2, 2012

30 sweet years.

30 years ago my parents chose the song "Longer Than" by Dan Fogelberg to represent them as they entered married life. I feel that the following lyrics from that song are so appropriate...

Through the years as the fire
Starts to mellow
Burning lines in the book of our lives
Though the binding cracks and the
Pages start to yellow
I'll be in love with you.
I'm proud. I know that there have been times when life has moved at such speeds that they've lost track of one another a bit. There were several difficult periods that they could have thrown in the towel, but they didn't. They've set the ultimate example for all of their children of commitment in marriage, and for that I am so very thankful. 
Joining with siblings to create this celebration was a blessing. It's been a long time since we've all come together to sing songs and work side-by-side. A gift to us as we worked to serve them.

Duke and I mused, while we were preparing food, about our future together and our children. We thought of them, someday, surprising us with something sweet. Dreamy. But we've got to survive a bunch of teenagers first! (We're actually really looking forward to that adventure.)
Our children are so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents. I don't know if they'll remember tonight, but I like to think that some of the magic will stick.
They'll dream of flowers and twinkling lights. Clinking glasses and decedent dessert.
A bit of the magic will always stay in my heart, of that I'm sure.


Laura said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful way to honor your parents. Those hydrangeas are gorgeous!

Teresa said...

What a lovely party, for a lovely couple. The table is beautiful... (Tutorial on the paper flowers, please!) You are so talented at creating memories with and for your family!

koko mo said...

aw how sweet, they are so precious, congrats to them!! these pictures are wonderful, looks so lovely!