Tuesday, September 11, 2012

hey, girlfriend.

My darling baby girl seems to be taking after me when it comes to social interaction. The peach comes on very strong when she likes someone! The other day she met little Charlotte and just about had a heart attack, she loved her so much. Charlotte, however, was totally weirded-out and screamed for her mom to save her.

My girl Evy (blog codes seem so silly since I've been posting videos that mention actual names) actually got her feelings hurt, if you can believe it. I felt so much sympathy in that moment- flashbacks of finding out that the people I considered my best friends found me annoying.

A while later, dear, timid Charlotte, so very sweet, reached out to sad Evy and gave her a happy squeeze. The scenario surprised us moms, as both babies are so very tiny. Who knew such littles could already be experiencing this part of life? I'm happy to report that the new friends went on to share a bucket of blackberries.


Anonymous said...

Your posts bring such joy, time after time!

Tanya said...

Best day! It was so fun to see you guys. I had been dreaming about meeting Evy and she was even more amazing than I imagined!

Laura said...

i'd be her friend.