Friday, November 2, 2012

my feet are wet already so i think i'll go swimming.

my shoes are full of water.

i can't feel my toes anymore.

i'm drenched, soaked, soggy.

i must look like a total mess.

but if i can forget all of that and just be happy anyway...

then i can have the time of my life doing this.

the decision to help another human through personal sacrifice is like a puddle-jump. soggy and sweet.

i'll jump and jump and jump and jump. and then i'll walk home and sit by the heater that is my Savior. i'll read my scriptures and pray and He will warm me.

and then i can go jumping again tomorrow.


Laura said...

Sweet. Puddle jumping is the greatest!
And yes, allowing children to have the time of their lives even though it means more work for you is definitely an act of service.
You just made me realize that all good parenting is personal sacrifice, and if you aren't staying close to the Lord, you'd probably begin resenting that role.
Thanks for the encouragement and uplift.

Bridget said...

Your blog is so good for me!