Saturday, April 6, 2013

you are my wild.

okay, i'll admit it.

i've been marking time.

i keep thinking "five months until ossi's in kindergarten" and "two years and five months until finn's in kindergarten."

this is really hard.

but then i look back through the pictures from the week and think, "how could i have been having a bad day with this going on?"

i've been following a project called "you are my wild" and when each new batch of pictures comes up i fawn over these beautiful children. then i think, "hey, i have so much of my own wild to adore."

so i've decided to join the fun and post a picture of each of my children, exactly how i see them, every week.

it'll go something like this {only i'll include liam, too}...
 photo _DSC4033_zpscee78ef1.jpg photo _DSC3903_zpsc67dc8ac.jpg photo _DSC3794_zpsc98795f8.jpg photo _DSC3844_zpsfd6fa242.jpg photo _DSC3997_zps8fd0cf7f.jpg photo _DSC3934_zps236329e5.jpg


joolee said...

well as lovely as that project is, i think YOU'RE the original "You Are My Wild" blog - and i mean it! you show us your lovely children in every post - they clearly are your life's project, you are such a devoted mother.

hope you enjoyed conference! there were some wonderful, enlightening gems in there. can't wait to rewatch/reread everything again.

Bridget said...

I have loved looking back through your You are my Wild photos. What a fun way to create memories!