Monday, July 15, 2013

two memories from matt's 34th birthday.

1. So I was going to make Matt's favorite frosting. It's a  recipe his mom gave me that involves beating egg whites over a double broiler. I don't have a duble broiler so every time I make this frosting I rubberband the handles of two pots together and make a horrible excuse for one. Well into the ordeal I realized that the kids must have stolen the egg beaters last time I made a sweet.
 photo _DSC1492_zpsa2470023.jpg
So I ended up standing on the stove with a wire whisk to get a good angle, while holding my makeshift double broiler together. That's how crazy I am about Matthew.
 photo _DSC1500_zps5ad859a5.jpg
What resulted from my acrobatic cooking was... something... definitely not frosting. I put the goo in the freezer and it never froze solid, like the insides of a gel-pack. Could I market this stuff?
 photo _DSC1507_zps0de30d45.jpg
2. On one of our first dates, 9 years ago, we went artistic-photographing in the downtown of Salem, Oregon. Our adventure brought us to the parking structure pictured below where we took some pretty sweet night shots {that I can't find for-the-life-of-me}. Just last year Matthew took a job in the building attached to this lot.
 photo _DSC1521_zpsa947a540.jpg
We never could have guessed then that we were standing in the path of our future.
 photo _DSC1512_zps608a211f.jpg
TMI warning. For his birthday date we parked here and did a lot of giggling as we hoped that nobody came near our car.

I never want to forget all the good we have together.

Oh, I love him.


Marie said...

Meg you crack me up. I will have to show you how to make the frosting when I move up there. I'm sure Matt loved your attempt. Love you all.

Staci said...

i love tmi moments!