Tuesday, September 3, 2013


a friend of ours who heard that our family was struggling brought over some happy toys for the kids to borrow.

i love that.

people are kind, you know? photo _DSC5390_zps1a40b93a.jpganyway, these toys have produced hours and hours and hours of entertainment. the kids seriously beg to pull them out first thing in the morning. magformers. no joke, put them on your gift list for an upcoming birthday or something.
 photo _DSC5397_zps1695f9e9.jpg
back to the part about people being wonderful. isn't life just good? even and especially in times of hardship there is love all around.

thank you all for your love and support of matthew as he works through his burden. we have felt your prayers, your kind words have lifted us up, and the magformers have literally sustained us through the last week before school starts. thank you, thank you, thank you.


Natalie said...

Sarah just got home from her first day of sophomore year. She shared with me an experience from today that reminded me of you. In seminary this morning, everyone was to share something that happened over the summer. Sarah decided to share with the class that she, her brother, and one of her sisters had pneumonia, while her dad had bronchitis. Only she didn't say "bronchitis." She said, "bulimia." It was in second period that she realized her mistake.

Now, everyone in her seminary class thinks that Bishop Peton has bulimia. While bulimia is not something to joke about or take lightly, I really have to laugh.

Megan Marie said...

Haha Sarah cracks me up! Your family is just the coolest ever. We actually joke a lot to lighten the mood around here. There is a reference in the movie Zoolander that we use pretty regularly these days. "I have...bulimia." The response, "YOU CAN READ MINDS?"