Monday, September 9, 2013

what this blog is.

at different periods of my life this blog has been different things. a place to vent, to reflect, to show gratitude, to grow, to share ideas, to receive some positivity in the face of doubt, a place to rejoice, to morn, to hide, to come out and say it.

what is it now? a place to dump the choice memories that seem to come in faster than they can be preserved.

what will it be in the coming months? who can tell, really. maybe a neglected, stagnant space. maybe a refuge. maybe a burden. i can't say.

i can say that i'm starting school online and that i have an unquenchable thirst for new wisdom coupled with a firm resolve to keep my family as the greatest priority in my life.

what will that look like on a blog?

i guess we'll see, won't we.

right now it looks like a crap-ton of photos with no extra time for the words behind them.
 photo 1292819_10151575833121701_2109752371_o_zps33976861.jpg photo 1269078_10151575831471701_1432827454_o_zpsb5f73cf5.jpg photo 1294333_10151575831596701_1944160044_o_zpsfe5353e3.jpg photo 1292857_10151575832191701_749775046_o_zpsf0791676.jpg photo 1262651_10151575832291701_1918704692_o_zps79c11a57.jpg photo 1263088_10151575830961701_1519124770_o_zps99d08613.jpg photo 1270743_10151575832586701_1016136988_o_zps1c3ff25b.jpg photo 1265808_10151575832456701_1808664762_o_zps12aa5b4b.jpg photo 1265510_10151575832636701_1405671377_o_zps4dc7af0d.jpg photo 1268222_10151575832926701_1499517454_o_zps61e48a39.jpg photo 1277188_10151575832461701_205280362_o_zps19cf6de2.jpg photo 1276924_10151575831996701_1857286511_o_zpsbb0878b6.jpg photo 1025517_10151575832816701_1151834461_o_zps07c49a94.jpg


amateur idler said...

School, eh?? Exciting! Good luck to you! What are you studying?

Megan Marie said...

I am going for a health science degree! So excited! Thanks for asking!

amateur idler said...

How cool!! I hope it's splendid. I think that'll suit you - and it's so useful! My mum is a health-type lady and she loves getting to help people that way.