Sunday, December 1, 2013

how is he?

it's hard to believe he almost left this life.

that time feels like a bad dream i'm trying to remember after waking. very scary and very realistic, but not reality anymore.

he says that after he told me his secret lost its power.
 photo _DSC1176_zps93d6be2c.jpg

so he goes to an addiction recovery group meeting sponsored by our church. and he met with a counselor several times. and he is taking some anti-anxiety medication. and he has come to the conclusion that his past is sad but his present life is very happy.

he and i are terribly in love.

today he was installing light fixtures upstairs and i brought my textbooks and curled up in a blanket across the room. the kids were content watching a movie downstairs and we weren't even talking but later we both agreed that it was a perfect moment.

we were coworkers first, before we were lovers, and something about those years we spent side-by-side has solidified a special joy we feel when we are in a shared space doing productive things. doesn't really matter what.

i'm glad that i can still share his space. i almost couldn't anymore.

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