Sunday, December 1, 2013

like him.

Matt's sister Katie says that he cried about something every day of his life until he was 10. Sweet Liam is so like his daddy.
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I love watching Matt be a dad. He is hands-down the best and these kids don't even realize how good they have it with him. My goodness, he gives everything for us.
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I asked Evy, "are you mama's girl?" She says, "no, daddy's." I ask "can you be mine, too?" She says yes.

Then I say, "you're my girl." And she says, pointing to herself, "no, boy."

At the dinner table today she said she was going to be a daddy someday. She wants to be just like him, and I love it.
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I've never been so in love as in the last month or so.

If our love gets any better I might float right up to heaven.