Wednesday, April 30, 2014

today i love...

today i love the hours before dawn.
 photo _DSC6670_zps3826433d.jpg
i love picking up my phone and seeing that it's only 4:00 am so i can roll back over to sleep.
 photo _DSC6674_zps8fe9bc17.jpg
or realizing it's 4:00am and watching a random, funny video on my phone just because i can.
 photo _DSC6669_zps2eb65d6a.jpg
or realizing it's 4:00am and praying my heart out over all the lingering happy thoughts and dreams.
 photo _DSC6676_zpsf2583683.jpg
some of the best before-dawns are the beginnings of road-trips.

4am with a bunch of giddy travel-companions. oh, that every day could begin with such energy!

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Anonymous said...

I love a good road trip! There's nothing like the excitement as you get in the car - especially when it's early in the morning and the rest of the world is quiet.