Sunday, May 4, 2014


our little Ossi. short for Ossian.

when we named this boy we had very little idea what we were in for. we named him after Ossian, a character in Irish mythology, but mostly because we liked the name. upon revisiting the story of his namesake we realized Ossian was called,"warrior-poet." so very fitting for our young boy.

one moment Ossi will be railing against all that is unjust (or un-what-he-wants) in the world. the next he'll be writing love notes and creating artful masterpieces. the kid bellows what sounds like italian opera while he hacks our arbor-vita to pieces with his toy sword.

and he dresses up like his heroes including both John Carter of Mars and Jesus Christ.
 photo _DSC9014_zps5c9d8d35.jpg
in the poems of Ossian the characters lived tragic lives, "given to killing loved ones by mistake, and dying of grief, or of joy." sounds about right for our household.

let's just shoot for the "death-by-joy" option.
 photo _DSC9022_zpsf91cd8d8.jpg

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