Wednesday, October 1, 2014

that day.

that day i walked the halls of OHSU.

i knew finn was well. i wasn't afraid for him. he fell asleep peacefully for a sedated scan. we were checking his spine abnormality, though it hasn't caused any problems for him thus far.
 photo august3of183_zps3c756294.jpg
the nurses were so kind.
 photo august9of183_zps99231818.jpg
there was a mix of patients, families of patients, students, and health professionals walking the halls with me. i could almost tell by their pace who was who.
 photo august2of183_zps776a8a43.jpg
that day i fell in love with hospitals all over again.
 photo august6of183_zpsed9b943e.jpg
i felt renewed purpose and strength and desire. after a summer away from school i found my heart fainting.
 photo august8of183_zps4455e221.jpg
walking into the hospital chapel i felt love enfold me. i felt passion and enthusiasm. i saw what could be.
 photo august7of183_zpsd93d0d4f.jpg
i wanted to belong here at this hospital. or another.
 photo august4of183_zpsd7cbd2b6.jpg
i wanted to walk these halls again and again, only faster.
 photo august5of183_zpscd2b02a7.jpg
i thought about finn under the care of such able individuals. how did they become so? they went through the furnace of frustrating assignments. the refinement of character that comes from trekking a steep, upward climb.
 photo august20of183_zpsf960b8a6.jpg
now i am back in school. and discouraged. but looking through these pictures has kindled, once again, that hope that if i keep climbing eventually i can accomplish that height.
 photo august12of183_zps84767215.jpg
it was so fun to see finny wake up to the sweet stuffed animals the nurse placed around him. a giraffe to watch over him. a pet puppy with an owie on the same side as his. i just loved that woman.
 photo august11of183_zps1b09414e.jpg photo august10of183_zps93ad934e.jpg photo august13of183_zps64354727.jpg
apple juice and one last picture in his special pajamas.
 photo august14of183_zps6757a3f1.jpg photo august15of183_zps04b80666.jpg
then a ride about in a wheelchair and a slice of pizza from the cafeteria.
 photo august16of183_zps0f0f448e.jpg
plus a tram ride over portland for the cherry on top.
 photo august17of183_zps4f5f1524.jpg photo august18of183_zps7c5306ca.jpg
that day i walked the halls of OHSU i found love, and hope, and courage.
 photo august19of183_zps646dd22a.jpg
and finn came home one happy adventurer.

he even called his dad on the car ride to let his new puppy tell him about the day. (which made everybody laugh because the taco bell dog actually talked into the phone saying, "you are getting hungry, very hungry.")

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