Monday, January 26, 2015

by the way.

if you ever go to disneyland during the busiest season, you might try leaving the park from noon to six to take naps then returning after dinner. worked for us. :)
 photo disneypartfive270of493_zps545d6dd2.jpg photo disneypartfive271of493_zpsa6669df9.jpg photo disneypartfive272of493_zps90ee9d5a.jpg photo disneypartfive277of493_zps5459d364.jpg photo disneypartfive273of493_zps643d23f9.jpg photo disneypartfive276of493_zps7e32360a.jpg photo disneypartfive274of493_zps7b5b1ee5.jpg photo disneypartfive275of493_zps69150466.jpg

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