Sunday, August 7, 2016

a time to grow.

when emily lived with us it was a growing time.
 photo riley summer 145 of 360_zpslkh19uy2.jpg
she wasn't happy, mostly. not in some ways.
 photo riley summer 146 of 360_zpsnpcksnvn.jpg
i feel like it was supposed to happen the way it happened, though. she was able to say some things that needed to be said and work through some things that needed to be worked-through.

i'm sure she has more of those discoveries ahead, just as we all do, but what she conquered while she was living here is sending her down a different, happier path.
 photo riley summer 147 of 360_zps3wf3jbzo.jpg
all through it, there was mom.
 photo riley summer 148 of 360_zpsonzj0uux.jpg
behold my mother.
 photo riley summer 149 of 360_zpstl4ymhxy.jpg
i love this next photo because i think it shows my mom just the way she is... she just loves her kids.

 emily has quite a cheer-section in mom alone.
 photo riley summer 150 of 360_zpsqvaekjd9.jpg
i know that mom will be loving us until the end of time, doing everything she can behind the scenes to let us shine.
 photo riley summer 151 of 360_zps5f6foeoi.jpg photo riley summer 152 of 360_zpssji5hes7.jpg
lucky us.
 photo riley summer 153 of 360_zpszxvfpcid.jpg photo riley summer 154 of 360_zpsitmsmdnh.jpg photo riley summer 155 of 360_zpsm6is8h0x.jpg

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