Monday, October 3, 2016

morning baseball and the breakfast of champions.

 photo tp 57 of 154_zpsmjm9ur6v.jpg photo tp 60 of 154_zps8nwt0iy7.jpg photo tp 59 of 154_zpsoxqxw8w0.jpg photo tp 62 of 154_zps96glikdl.jpg photo tp 58 of 154_zpsifqwfshr.jpg photo tp 63 of 154_zpshsqmmdru.jpg photo tp 64 of 154_zpsizwupbvi.jpg photo tp 61 of 154_zps0oq8tvzi.jpg photo tp 65 of 154_zpsfi1j8eog.jpg photo tp 66 of 154_zpsn7clz8ji.jpg photo tp 67 of 154_zpsgcxxzuls.jpg photo tp 70 of 154_zps5a80agom.jpg photo tp 71 of 154_zpsdc78knhy.jpg photo tp 68 of 154_zpsrdorwfvn.jpg photo tp 69 of 154_zpsn17kg77c.jpg

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Twiggy090984 said...

Looking at your pictures brings back memories of the wonderful times I did fun things with my family. Nostalgia overload!