Monday, December 25, 2017

For Tamsin

We could have gotten you makeup or jewelry. We could have sent you gadgets from Amazon. We even searched and found things that made us think of you.

But this persistent anxiety won't quit. This feeling that no matter what we could get or do for you it wouldn't be really bridge the distance.

Having you live so far away is super crappy sometimes (most of the times). It's fun when we get to visit you in beautiful Arizona. And fun when we get to meet you for vacations. And fun when you come to see us. But crappy any other time.

Thanks for spending your visit helping us stage and sell our house. Thanks for being the one who calls to say hello. We feel your love for us.

You have been with us this Christmas in our hearts. I hope you can feel our love for you.

We have also been making you lots of ornaments for your tree. We got you a bin to store them all so that next year you can open them up and hang us in your house. That way we can be a part of Christmas in your home.

Evy is your secret santa this year and she's been so excited to have you. The ornaments she's made for you are pretty amazing. We'll send them soon once we have them all finished but for now you can expect a teaser picture from Matt. Sorry for being late during this "moving-time" Christmas.

Sister, I love you dearly. Talk soon.

Monday, December 18, 2017

it is finished.

We are moving.

Our house went on the market on Thursday and we have multiple offers already.

Can you believe that we have lived here nearly 6 years? Our children were babies here. This was the place we learned and grew more than ever before. We learned about home ownership, pet ownership, and family stewardship. We overcame so much in the time that we lived here and found our way along a journey of discipleship and self-mastery. First steps, lost teeth, and epic wrestle matches. 
 photo _DSC8168_zps0vadd0ds.jpg
We don't know exactly where we are going yet. But we know it will be just right for the growings and learnings of the future. We feel the Lord going before us and preparing a place.

And as hard as it is to leave I know He is our rearward. The next family will bring crawling babes and loose teeth so the house can continue to fulfil its purpose.

Here's a look into some home changes since the heart changes are harder to see...
 photo house 2 of 31_zpsrzkd8s75.jpg photo house 1 of 31_zps9sa71d9h.jpg

Our living room.

When we moved in...
 photo _DSC1940_zpsglidstq5.jpg photo _DSC1942_zpsvuw04c0z.jpg
 photo house 3 of 31_zpsel0xx7r1.jpg photo house 8 of 31_zpszudcvzg4.jpg photo house 4 of 31_zpsufpxwcjv.jpg photo house 6 of 31_zps7hrolcqv.jpg photo house 7 of 31_zpsdfsjtfue.jpg photo house 5 of 31_zpspzskoxpm.jpg photo house 9 of 31_zpspotdlrmr.jpg photo house 10 of 31_zpsavkpmyyn.jpg

Original dining room.

When we moved in...
 photo _DSC1934_zpsjqajf2ig.jpg
When we used it as a dining room...
 photo _DSC7129_zpsgdaalh9m.jpg
 photo house 11 of 31_zpsjsvntypi.jpg

The Kitchen.

When we moved in...
 photo _DSC1933_zpskzmhws9d.jpg
 photo house 13 of 31_zpskh1ghbrx.jpg photo house 14 of 31_zpsc7crqh6e.jpg

Other spaces that haven't changed so much...

 photo house 16 of 31_zpsfmquy5xh.jpg photo house 17 of 31_zps5oabz68c.jpg photo house 15 of 31_zps553shs9m.jpg photo house 19 of 31_zpshxoo7nxg.jpg
 photo house 18 of 31_zpsjfhlbn3x.jpg

Nursery room to office.

Some changes are bittersweet.
 photo _DSC9306-1_zpsvxepmpzi.jpg
 photo house 20 of 31_zpszvuenzcj.jpg photo house 21 of 31_zpskue8xxym.jpg

Our Beloved Upstairs.

When we moved in...
 photo _DSC5830_zpsxrfjsbzb.jpg photo _DSC5905_zps3vxc5jk0.jpg photo _DSC5927-1_zps5jxf9ylu.jpg
Recent projects... photo saturdaynight 24 of 29_zpsnzmmxntm.jpg photo saturdaynight 23 of 29_zpsucjjlhjw.jpg photo saturdaynight 21 of 29_zpsd2jxt5zl.jpg photo saturdaynight 20 of 29_zpseiygdhbp.jpg photo saturdaynight 22 of 29_zps0khfevgj.jpg photo saturdaynight 23 of 29_zpsucjjlhjw.jpg photo saturdaynight 19 of 29_zpssfmbvleb.jpg photo saturdaynight 18 of 29_zpsatwvhsp0.jpg
All done...
 photo house 22 of 31_zpsv00cf3bt.jpg photo house 23 of 31_zpskdafazw1.jpg photo house 25 of 31_zpsuhkky2sq.jpg photo house 28 of 31_zpsekhrghcf.jpg photo house 27 of 31_zpsz4z0oyc5.jpg photo house 24 of 31_zpsf4ucv3tq.jpg photo house 26 of 31_zpshelny4vf.jpg
I remember when the backyard was nothing but grass and ivy.
 photo house 29 of 31_zpsoptkyd4a.jpg photo house 30 of 31_zps5pasvcqv.jpg
Glory to God for His power to overcome. For His grace and guidance.

We're stepping into the darkness but we know He will light the way as we go.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

8 hour rule.

i'm working on balance.

"Life is best enjoyed when time periods are evenly divided between labour, sleep and recreation. All men, women, and children should labour; all must sleep; and if mental and physical balance is to be maintained, all people should spend one-third of their time in recreation which is rebuilding, voluntary activity---never idleness. Eight hours work, eight hours sleep, and eight hours recreation."
(attributed to Brigham Young)

so i made this tally chart thing in my journal...

work     play     sleep

...and i marked the hours i spent doing each.

that was illuminating. no wonder my left eyelid has been twitching.
 photo saturdaynight 24 of 27_zpstaztb66w.jpg
hopefully you'll be seeing more photos soon because i really ought to be playing more than three hours a day. and working less than thirteen.
 photo saturdaynight 25 of 27_zpsfdu3cuak.jpg photo saturdaynight 26 of 27_zpsu6exyh2t.jpg photo saturdaynight 27 of 27_zpsahf4ywk2.jpg
since making the commitment to get back into a steady diet of recreation i've learned how to play magic the gathering (Liam let me win), learned how to do the cup-passing game (Evy just throws the cups and laughs when she starts to get mixed up), and had way more snuggles and tickles. i've had friends over for lunch and enjoyed their toddlers and babies (mine are so big now).

my eye twitch is not entirely gone but i'm confident that it's on the way out.

the home projects are about 40 work hours from being totally completed (that's 13 work days considering i'm only giving them 3 of my work hours. the other 5 work hours belong to maintaining and preparing our peace and play).
 photo saturdaynight 2 of 30_zps7v0nvq91.jpg photo saturdaynight 3 of 30_zpshcvhg3uv.jpg photo saturdaynight 4 of 30_zpsagvqijgt.jpg photo saturdaynight 5 of 30_zpsm2j7jzmp.jpg photo saturdaynight 6 of 30_zpsokc5eaov.jpg photo saturdaynight 7 of 30_zpscwyzwws6.jpg photo saturdaynight 8 of 30_zpsm0wg4bei.jpg photo saturdaynight 9 of 30_zps9jriqqin.jpg photo saturdaynight 11 of 30_zpsh0drt2m4.jpg photo saturdaynight 12 of 30_zpsrfjkyrdu.jpg photo saturdaynight 13 of 30_zpstqh7dgub.jpg photo saturdaynight 14 of 30_zpscp2owoir.jpg photo saturdaynight 15 of 30_zpsns2iimea.jpg photo saturdaynight 16 of 30_zpsymxw3kcn.jpg photo saturdaynight 17 of 30_zps8fivxiow.jpg photo saturdaynight 18 of 30_zpse7meloca.jpg photo saturdaynight 19 of 30_zpsc16fprfs.jpg photo saturdaynight 20 of 30_zpsp4blga9r.jpg photo saturdaynight 21 of 30_zpsi8kwbi9q.jpg photo saturdaynight 22 of 30_zpsggrtrjuy.jpg photo saturdaynight 23 of 30_zpsi4bqpbsk.jpg photo saturdaynight 24 of 30_zpstuufvjyt.jpg photo saturdaynight 25 of 30_zpsmvxtc2jc.jpg photo saturdaynight 26 of 30_zpsjzlrhwsu.jpg photo saturdaynight 27 of 30_zps7ras39sc.jpg photo saturdaynight 28 of 30_zpskc88mpnc.jpg photo saturdaynight 29 of 30_zpslp5wrvls.jpg photo saturdaynight 30 of 30_zpsjkxyvous.jpg photo saturdaynight 1 of 31_zpstzou7xg5.jpg photo saturdaynight 2 of 31_zpsp6rhrzof.jpg photo saturdaynight 3 of 31_zpsfrn4scdz.jpg photo saturdaynight 4 of 31_zpssnyyhvip.jpg photo saturdaynight 6 of 31_zpszapi6k2r.jpg photo saturdaynight 7 of 31_zpso7vu4lj0.jpg photo saturdaynight 10 of 31_zpsdg2juiwo.jpg photo saturdaynight 11 of 31_zpsqwhkurdi.jpg photo saturdaynight 12 of 31_zpsnz5ve3y9.jpg photo saturdaynight 13 of 31_zps68g27tim.jpg photo saturdaynight 14 of 31_zpsbzqnzvp3.jpg photo saturdaynight 15 of 31_zpsxqbhwedn.jpg photo saturdaynight 16 of 31_zpsuolhbhv2.jpg photo saturdaynight 17 of 31_zpsmr19bf39.jpg photo saturdaynight 18 of 31_zpsrrcpdwtv.jpg photo saturdaynight 19 of 31_zpsbzksoz2x.jpg photo saturdaynight 20 of 31_zpsebocrew3.jpg photo saturdaynight 21 of 31_zps7iatldgh.jpg photo saturdaynight 22 of 31_zpslcvzlq6x.jpg photo saturdaynight 23 of 31_zpsyrnq0iwi.jpg photo saturdaynight 24 of 31_zpsnury6wxr.jpg photo saturdaynight 25 of 31_zpszll1gyxh.jpg photo saturdaynight 27 of 31_zpsevhv8nms.jpg photo saturdaynight 28 of 31_zpsxfqehlqv.jpg photo saturdaynight 29 of 31_zpskpdehmrt.jpg photo saturdaynight 31 of 31_zps6zh0j27d.jpg photo saturdaynight 1 of 29_zpst6fx5eeu.jpg photo saturdaynight 2 of 29_zps47yy27me.jpg photo saturdaynight 3 of 29_zpsllhkdph2.jpg photo saturdaynight 4 of 29_zpsxpdwcto6.jpg photo saturdaynight 5 of 29_zpsjy2c68o8.jpg photo saturdaynight 6 of 29_zpsvdzjzzdy.jpg photo saturdaynight 7 of 29_zpsypcck9te.jpg photo saturdaynight 8 of 29_zpsodae0uwj.jpg photo saturdaynight 11 of 29_zpswo3prkq4.jpg photo saturdaynight 12 of 29_zps55tvbdkr.jpg photo saturdaynight 13 of 29_zps9yzlrgtk.jpg photo saturdaynight 16 of 29_zpsbswtsmum.jpg photo saturdaynight 17 of 29_zpsraz9njm6.jpg
looking at these pictures fills me with a sense of accomplishment. the projects are so much further along that i want to cry tears of joy.

new carpet next week.

love this house.
 photo saturdaynight 18 of 29_zpsatwvhsp0.jpg photo saturdaynight 19 of 29_zpssfmbvleb.jpg photo saturdaynight 20 of 29_zpseiygdhbp.jpg photo saturdaynight 21 of 29_zpsd2jxt5zl.jpg photo saturdaynight 22 of 29_zps0khfevgj.jpg photo saturdaynight 23 of 29_zpsucjjlhjw.jpg photo saturdaynight 24 of 29_zpsnzmmxntm.jpg photo saturdaynight 25 of 29_zpseviq8s9w.jpg photo saturdaynight 27 of 29_zpsfpde6qcl.jpg photo saturdaynight 28 of 29_zpszhl8jnyp.jpg photo saturdaynight 29 of 29_zps95wdmabp.jpg
love the people in it.