Monday, August 22, 2016

talk for a minute without using the letter "a."

matt told me he could do it but i didn't believe him.

he put on the timer and began reciting, "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve..."
 photo aug 1 of 16_zps6kqmmzwx.jpg
matt has three boys who think he's the coolest ever. he knows all the good stuff. and i water the flowers and take the pictures.

on the way to a wedding i was photographing i saw a couple on the side of the road with a flat tire. the man was fixing the tire and the woman was picking blackberries. it made me miss matt and want to turn around and drive right home.

i love marriage. i love that my gifts and his gifts combine to help us meet our needs and enjoy the journey. sometimes i fix the tire and he picks the blackberries and sometimes it's the other way around, but there's always a bit of both going on in our world.

Friday, August 19, 2016

once upon a time in cheeseworld.

in 2013 i had this brilliant idea.

closet doors off the hinge, turned sideways to make a cozy pit... filled with hundreds of foam blocks...

yes, it was a thing. the kids called it cheeseworld and it was good.
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i'm going to say something i've said occasionally through our marriage (and more frequently in the past few years). i should have listened to matt.
 photo cheese world 4 of 6_zps2f2ssep4.jpg
from the start matt was adamantly against hundreds of foam blocks in the closet. his objection was based on his extreme prejudice against foam (he can't stand the stuff). i personally like it because it smells like a combination of camping and goodwill, two of my favorite things.

i'll admit i fight back a small urge to chew on the pieces.
 photo cheese world 5 of 6_zpsxgebi5ki.jpg
i wonder how much foam my kids consumed during that time. hmmmm.

cheeseworld became a catch-all for toys and once they went in, they could never be found again. not only toys. plenty of useful things were lost in that pit, too.

also, the kids adopted the saying "what happens in cheeseworld stays in cheeseworld." they never said the actual words but i know that's what they were thinking when they started peeing in the pit for fun (unsanitary?).
 photo cheese world 3 of 6_zpsgh9hpous.jpg
then cheeseworld started to spread. both literally and metaphorically.

matt would turn down the covers and find foam in our bed, almost like a mob message from the kids to let us know they were taking over.
 photo cheese world 2 of 6_zpslukkw9lm.jpg
most of their crime scenes could be traced back to cheeseworld. like the time ossi cut all of our pillow cases into tunics and hid the scissors in the pit (unsafe?).
 photo cheese world 6 of 6_zpsgzdccbdr.jpg
these days when i feel like our house is a mess or our kids are a handful i just think about what it was like once upon a time in cheeseworld and i have no choice but to feel better.

Monday, August 15, 2016

an epic campfire circle.

if i had to pick one night, one summer 2016 memory, one high, one top, one best... i think this would be first place.

what else is there to say?
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