Sunday, April 13, 2014

i have the greatest news.

i couldn't resist snapping a couple of pictures with my phone on one of the happiest, sunniest, loveliest and most blessed sunday mornings with my children.

matt slid in to the pew next to me just as i stashed my phone. everyone had started singing the opening hymn, we listen to a prophet's voice, when he leaned over and whispered in my ear...

"i have the greatest news!" we shushed for prayer and didn't get another chance to talk until after the meeting. i love my husband so much. he didn't have anything juicy or anything. it was so simple, and so special.

"the church put out a new Easter video, and it is soooo good," he said as we cleaned up crayons from underneath our bench. "they purchased the top bar of youtube on a coming sunday to play it, which means a lot of people will get to see it!"

earlier in the day i'd been wondering to myself what might happen if we took a poll to ask how many people feel as if they've been personally and intimately affected by the Atonement. i imagined the number of hands raised at such a question and felt very happy and thankful. i also thought of some that have probably taken a very cynical view of the Savior. i didn't think of them in a mean way, but a brief sort-of way, remembering what i believe about freedom of religion. then i thought of the many others who would be touched by the Atonement if given the opportunity to learn of Christ. this thought is one of the most motivating, exciting thoughts. Christ's sacrifice changes lives. i don't exactly understand how, i just know it does. mine, my husband's, and many, many more lives.

here is this video, which contains the message that many hold in their hearts as "the greatest news" of all. i'm so thrilled to share it.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

home again, home again.

 photo _DSC6940_zps4c0dab47.jpg what a trip! oh, i wish i had more than a second to share. tomorrow's my last three finals, then back to bloggy business! i seriously cannot wait to resume everyday adventuring. plus my sister and her husband (of exactly one year)are coming for a week, starting sunday. could this be the moment to climb onto my roof and yell about the budding grapevines and raspberry bushes in the backyard? actually, i should probably wait until my tests scores are in. hopefully i'll be able to yell about that too! if not i'll just scream, "it's over! hallelujah!" and "let's everyone go to the beach!"


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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

on the road to general conference

This weekend our family is driving down to Salt Lake City, Utah to watch our church's General Conference.

Usually we sit in our living room wearing PJs and eating orange rolls to watch, but this time's a special treat.

Our kids have been reminding me every time I pray for meals or at bedtime, "remember to pray that we see the Prophet, mom." I think they're picturing themselves catching him on temple square like a they would mickey mouse in disneyland.

They love hearing him speak because he tells such wonderful stories that they relate to. Last conference he told a story about sneaking matches when he was a kid and accidentally lighting a field on fire. He spoke of obedience to our parents, who try to keep us safe, and obedience to Heavenly Father, who also has our best interests in mind.

For me Salt Lake might as well be disneyland. It's the magical setting of childhood shenanigans. Awe, look at us. We were "outfit" kids. One shirt for one pair of pants. They went together and if you couldn't find a match you stood at your dresser for like an hour with no clue what to do. Being a kid in the early 90s was like the best, ever.
 photo 1994FamilyPhotos7_zps284dfb5e.jpg
After Matt joined the church, back in our dating years, we took a memorable road trip through Salt Lake, but we didn't happen to be there during the church's special semiannual conference, so he's never been before. This will be his first time, although our family has watched for years on TV or the internet.

Awe, I love my brothers. This picture could only be cooler if we were wearing "outfits."
 photo P6230157_zps44ac3484.jpg

I'm not expecting the same-sort of trip this coming weekend. But I tell you what, it's going to be amazing. Especially because of the uplifting messages of conference. Last night Matt was telling the kids about the first time he ever watched general conference. He remembered things that I'd totally forgotten about being with my family and our friends the Jensons. "Ohhhh, yeah! I remember that!" I only remembered because it was the event at which I took the following picture of my sister, Tamsin. Oh, this one's going down in family history.
 photo DSC_0174_zps0d94823c.jpg
One of the most exciting things about the road-trip is that my sister Emily will be coming. She and I need some good memories to look back and laugh about!

I really hope that she will feel inspired by the conference in this challenging time in her journey. Middle school is the pits. I know that whatever she faces, she'll be able to find strength in the gospel of Christ and the counsel of the prophet that speaks on His behalf today.

Peek in on the broadcast if you have any questions or are looking for some uplift and direction in your life. Maybe you'll see us in the audience!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Picnic.

 photo _DSC6164_zps3e4af54b.jpg photo _DSC6165_zpsd0a5a8b9.jpg photo _DSC6170_zps6e7c7002.jpg photo _DSC6171_zpsb4e0cabe.jpg photo _DSC6203_zpsab69d4a0.jpgFinn's creative haircut.
 photo _DSC6152_zpsb71c4c9b.jpg
My wonderful friend Hope.
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missionary transfers.

we get pretty attached to the missionaries. these young men leave home for two years to teach and serve others, putting aside all of their personal business. they postpone school and dating relationships. i am always so inspired by their faith.

every month they are up for transfers and they may or may not move to a new area then. we've had one of our current elders for nine months and another for two, but this monday they are both leaving. one completed his service and is headed home, the other will go on to another area. as we get to know them they become like family.

we love them very much and will miss them both.what a blessing these young men are in our lives!  photo _DSC6335_zps093f30fd.jpg photo _DSC6387_zps7059d7a3.jpg photo _DSC6331_zps39945e58.jpg photo _DSC6421_zps79a507fc.jpg photo _DSC6431_zps146921a7.jpg photo _DSC6428_zpsb330c32b.jpg

you are my wild.

 photo _DSC6039_zps972e9d7c.jpg photo _DSC5837_zps6010ce2b.jpg photo _DSC6010_zpse102549c.jpg photo _DSC6159_zps146a04be.jpg maybe it's time to bring this back. :) after-all, my school's out in two weeks! celebrate, celebrate!

Sunday Picnic.

 photo _DSC5889_zps63d02385.jpg photo _DSC5891_zps0caf2214.jpg photo _DSC5896_zps84e2768c.jpg photo _DSC5901_zpse00bdbe0.jpg photo _DSC5921_zpsb2bc8d48.jpg photo _DSC5929_zpscb596aef.jpg photo _DSC5910_zpsc196d827.jpg photo _DSC5948_zps39146257.jpg photo _DSC5963_zps47ba1f6a.jpg photo _DSC6004_zps62b5c53d.jpg photo _DSC5979_zps6c1d25a4.jpg photo _DSC6016_zps1c9ff0fb.jpg