Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

box art and christmas bobbles.

it may be to early for christmas decorations.

buuuut, we aren't feeling very patient.
 photo nov2014213of218_zps10745b1b.jpg
look, we even have a gift! a piece for ossi by his grandpa. he's just the coolest.
 photo nov2014208of218_zpseb9fd147.jpg photo nov2014210of218_zps89e8b2ad.jpg photo nov2014209of218_zps239f39b8.jpg photo nov2014211of218_zps841e8e4a.jpg photo nov2014207of218_zps5683cbbb.jpg
this is shaping up to be quite a colorful christmas season.
 photo nov2014212of218_zpsad572604.jpg
five weeks left of school for me. whew, not a moment too soon. we've got a family trip planned for after christmas, a disneyland excursion we've been saving for these past couple of years. i can make it, i can make it. light at the end of the tunnel.

Friday, November 21, 2014

a funeral for rocky the dog.

 photo nov2014160of218_zps5833b90d.jpg photo nov2014161of218_zps238f9066.jpg photo nov2014162of218_zpsd8a90022.jpg photo nov2014163of218_zps1216b564.jpg photo nov2014164of218_zpsebca42bd.jpg photo nov2014165of218_zpsb2eced49.jpg photo nov2014166of218_zpsb35da78c.jpg photo nov2014167of218_zpsd8937bff.jpg photo nov2014168of218_zpscd503f34.jpg photo nov2014169of218_zps795bb703.jpg photo nov2014170of218_zpse4f47330.jpg photo nov2014171of218_zps536a9cb1.jpg photo nov2014173of218_zps8f1345ed.jpg
he was sure good to great grandpa and uncle billy. we'll miss him a lot.

Thursday, November 20, 2014