Friday, January 29, 2010

build a really sweet fort.

Alright , it's official! We are checking things off of our live list!
I'm trying to ignore all the dead spiders stuck inside the tape from all the months these boxes spent in storage.

Speaking of spiders, one day I woke up and they weren't that scary any more. I think it's for the same reason that now when I burn myself in the kitchen I can totally play it cool; no obscenities, and barely a flinch. Adulthood. Parenthood. Whatever you want to call it, I'm sort-of catching on to it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

you've never lived until you've... second edition

*play in the rain
*visit a tulip garden
*ride a train
*build a rocket ship and fly to an imaginary world
*perform in our own circus
*send a care package to someone far away
*have a crazy-hair day
*wade in a stream
*go to the zoo
*make our own pizza
*jump on a trampoline
*experience a sunrise
*walk to a gas station to pick out a favorite candy
*make a sand castle and then stomp on it
*build a soap-box car and race down a hill
*roast a hot-dog over a fire
*watch a live play
*star gaze
*eat a really messy dinner with no utensils
*build a catapult and shoot things
*swim in a real lake, not a man-made one
*build a really sweet fort
*make a slip-n-slide out of a shower curtain and use dish detergent to slide faster
*go roller skating
*ride a horse or pony
*have a yellow day where we wear only yellow, and eat only yellow food
*plant seeds in cups and water them until they are beautiful plants
*dig a giant hole
*make fruit smoothies
*rent a projector and make our own drive in
*go on a treasure hunt
*catch a tadpole, kiss it for good luck and set it free
*squirt-gun fight
*record our voices and play them back and laugh at how silly we sound
*go a day without shoes
*eat cotton candy
*see a parade
*climb a tree
*have a mud fight

My live list is a tour guide for childhood. Although I have done so many of these things, they are all quite new to my young ones. Most of the list has been carried forward from my previous list, as I lost my ambition before completion, but a few items are additions.

Click here if you would like to share your very own live list.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

commencing composition

If ever I begin to forget how spectacular this life is...
When I wrongly decide that any sort of lovely experience this world has to offer costs too much money, prohibiting my participation...
Or that freedom is an utter fantasy...
I find a spot of sun and flip my hair about.

I remember; my mind is a cupboard and I stock the shelves.

Then. I commence the composition of a new "live list."

My list is coming soon.

Live Lists, Second Edition

Join the dance! Compose a "live list" and email me with the full list or a link to the place I can find it!

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A Capital Day

A bit of advice I am only now taking to heart; "Your kids don't care where you go together, they just want to be with you." I've been advised with this and similar statements lately as I've been floundering in my day-planning.
They aren't teenagers, for goodness sake. Chances are slim of my two year old rebelling when I take him to a new place and complaining of "lameness." I used to thrill in simply riding my bike to a gas station and choosing between a ring-pop or chico-stick.
I don't need to enroll them in a gymnastic class or take them to an indoor water park for them to have fun. Their idea of a grand day includes collecting sticks and throwing them in a puddle.
I think a day's successfulness, for a mother, can be judged by answering a few simple questions; Was I available for my children? Did I listen? Did I tell and show them I love them?
The rest doesn't matter so much. But if they can experience new things, all the better! I find, when I'm lost and bored, I like to take them to places that remind me of their father: The places we went when we were dating. The settings of our adventures together before we were joined by our boys.
Today we went to Oregon's Capital Building. They adored the spinning doors and loved the echo of their voices in the beautiful entry-way and rotunda area.
They tired themselves out climbing stair after stair. And I enjoyed the 19th century details: phone booths, door knobs, carvings, and paintings.
We walked the grounds.
Chased ridiculously fat squirrels.
The best part was that we laughed together.
And I think they could feel that I love them.

"I would say to each mother, each father—be a good listener. Communication is so vital today in our fast-paced world. Take time to listen. I would encourage you to be available to your children. I have heard it said that no man, as death approaches, has ever declared that he wished he had spent more time at the office." -Thomas S. Monson

Monday, January 25, 2010

Dress-up is my favorite game.

And my eight(but almost nine)-year-old sister is the best playmate.
She says she wants to be a "fashionista" when she grows up.
Was that profession even an option when I was eight? I'm pretty sure the roles I pictured for myself were 1. elementary school-teacher or 2. famous movie-star.

I am neither, haha. But happy all the same.

Little Bird

They placed his binky backwards on his nose and called him "little bird".
But I think he's looking rather large. The last 4 weeks has certainly slipped away in a hurry.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

we need a do-over

A disastrous parent-child date.
But he was a good sport about it.
We went to Goodwill to look for a few pots and pans for Iggy, since he has expressed an interest in cooking. What a nightmare! He broke a glass ball and ended up sitting in a cart while I spent FOREVER hunting through piles of dishes.
His only consolations were the gummy-bears we grabbed in the check-out line
and the beautiful drive home in the rain.
Iggy is a prince and was smiling and happy the whole date through. But I think we need a do-over.
The parent-child date is a somewhat new thing to me, but I know some of you have been doing it for a while. If you have any successful experiences to share (especially with young toddlers), I'd love some ideas!