Sunday, February 28, 2010

not to get all cheesy on you, but...

Here it goes... The other day I returned home from an entirely hellish outing with the boys only to find a package on my doorstep. At this point I was bawling, and miserable, and I didn't think I could handle being a mom for one more moment.
Contents: Pedicure equipment. Chocolate. Charming bling. Letters. A bazillion hearts. And more.
I've been wearing the fashion accessories they (my beloved friends) sent; tokens of the support and love that encompass me.
When I feel like no body could ever understand how difficult parenting is for me, I think of these woman and remember that I am completely understood. They know my heart and the burdens it carries. They know me.
I know the Lord put them in my path for a purpose, and although we live miles away they are never far. How is that for ridiculously cheesy?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

How did we get here.

We have a three-year-old.

Today we celebrated with games and grub. And absolutely heavenly company.

I remember the first time I saw him. I was so shocked I couldn't speak. I guess I was expecting to recognize him or fall in love with him that very moment and when it didn't come I felt totally bizarre and broken. But then I held him. Through one night, then the next.

Miraculously, foreign becomes familiar. And now the world would be all wrong with out him.

Happy birthday, my son. I like you.

ps- that's an understatement.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've made a huge mistake

The below expression made me think that Iggy had realized he'd made a huge mistake. No.
I was the mistaken one. When I tried to take him out of the tub and undress him, he screamed and gestured toward the now empty tub (he climbed in while it was draining.) He showed me the fish on his shirt and pointed at the tap. Yes. He wanted to take his fish for a swim. I refilled the tub and watched as he laid down on his belly and wiggled around.
Now I have the feeling I'll be spending the day keeping him out of the street, as he'll be wanting to take his fresh shirt for a drive.

J'ai oubliƩ mon pantalon!

After two years of French in high school I can only remember how to say two things; the title of this post which means "I forgot my pants."
And "je ne sais pas" which was my answer to every question my teacher ever asked me. He and everyone in the class thought I was being funny so they laughed it off and moved on, but I was really just being honest.
So right after I took these pictures Sparky yelled, "I forgot my JACKET!" and ran back in the house.

make our own pizza.

The following concept hit me like a flash flood;

Maybe instead of asking my kids, "what do you want to do today?" I should ask, "what do you want to learn today?"
I realized this as I read a line from a teacher's training manuel; "A skilled teacher doesn't think, ... 'What will I teach today?' but rather, 'How will I help my students discover what they need to know?'"
The possibilities are now endless! What if they want to learn about cars? Well, I could pop the hood on ours and let them look around a bit (something I would have definitely never thought of in my former mindset.)
Sparky is officially a photographer, I think. He took the above picture of Iggy, the below picture of new-friend Lily...
And he took this photo of our buddies Chad and Rach (who you simply must visit via their blog "playing house"). They came over the other night to help us live our list by making yummy pizza.
This is Sparky telling me with his eyes that he absolutely does not want to be the subject. Only the artist.
So, anyway, I am excited to see the turns our outings take as I let the kids guide me with their curiosity. Yes, with our powers combined... (You can't see me but I just rubbed my hands together in anticipation. I had to stop to type but as soon as I'm done I'm going to do it again!! Mwahahaha!!!)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cowboys and Indians

Lately I have been realizing just how free my body feels when I am not pregnant! No amount of running, jumping, sliding, crawling or wrestling can fill my insatiable urge to move.
I convinced some of my favorite people in this lovely Earth to play cowboys and indians capture the flag with me! We had a rousing game on Saturday when the sun came out.

My Duke.

My Sparky.

My Dad.

My Iggy.

My Fitz.

My Emily.

My mom.

And my Tamsin.

She joined us on her sweet-sixteenth birthday! Determined to have her first kiss now that she's sixteen, she tried to persuade a new friend to do the honors.
The goat declined when he realized she hadn't intended on feeding him.

I cannot express how alive I feel when the sun shines on my face. I fully intend to climb, swim, dance, gallop, and to become covered with freckles this summer. I will absolutely not take my body for granted, no, not ever!

This is the song I'm feeling today! Enjoy!

Emo Llama and other things that delight me.

The other day I met this llama. He kept shaking his hair out of his eyes in a very hip and stylish way. I was taking notes so that one day I might become cool like him.
Light and color and texture. Delicious!
The other day Iggy chased a chicken for nearly ten minutes. Later that night he slept very well. Weeee. (That's the sound of my delight)
Rusty old farm equipment, repurposed for children's enjoyment. Yum. Tiny kids on bikes that are too big for them so their feet don't reach the pedals. Heaven.
Sweet pictures of the fruit of my womb. Yes.
Slides made of irrigation piping! No way, right!? This place was the real deal in entertainment.
The other day I played in the sun with two new friends and their darling children.
Lucky, lucky me.
There are so many things for which I am thankful that it's like an overload! I get this feeling in my chest as I lay in bed at night like my heart is too big for its home. Sometimes I start to cry a little, overwhelmed by the beauty in my life.

Then my husband kisses me goodnight and tells me he loves me so very much.
And I go to sleep smiling.