Friday, October 28, 2011

dress rehersal, and our first full family photo.

We were going to be the X-men. But matching jumpsuits were going to be too hard to find and most likely beyond our budget. So instead (with a lot of help from Grandpa) we did some creative scrounging and came out as lost boys/vikings/barbarians.

Their leggings are old car seat covers.

I'm particularly proud of Sparky's chest-plate which he designed (drawing me a picture of what he wanted) and I put together.

I'm also super stoked about Iggy's once-feather-duster-now-awesome-CROWN.

Duke made his rad lobster-claw necklace.

How about this hand-made leather vest for little Fitz? That was me! I made that! (Can you tell I'm pretty pleased with myself?)

His hat was from more of the seat-cover scraps.

My dress is a family treasure, made for me by my mom when I was very young. We once frequented Mountain Men Rondezvous (at the urging of my enthusiastic survivalist, little brother, Joey.) Man, I come from the coolest family. Oh, how I love them, especially for their eccentricities.

Grandpa made Dukes hat, and the rest of his costume came from our garage full of collected costumes.

Little miss wore her fall snugly, a gift from Auntie Donna, with a tiny bit of added flair.

This is our special spot. We go here together often. Every time is a lot of work (long walk to and from cars, kids trying to get in the water, kids taking off layers of clothing and handing them to us like we're pack-horses, boys almost hitting each other with giant rocks when their aim is off). Every time. But I like to imagine that some day we'll have gone there so often that they'll run knowingly through the trails to our spot without whining about the distance. They'll know exactly where the best blackberry bushes are and they'll be tall enough to reach the best berries. They'll be able swimmers so we might even let them wade a little. And their aim with skipping stones will have improved.

Of course, they'll likely be getting themselves into all sorts of new and exciting trouble that I haven't even imagined yet. But we'll deal with that when we come to it.

With toddlers along for the ride, even the most peaceful oasis can quickly become stress-central. Even stressful enough to make a couple of usually level-headed parents ask, "Why are we doing all of this?" There is a story that, as I have applied it to my current situation, has taught me much of patience and diligence in doing things with and for our children. Find it here.

We'll take the gold flecks we find in the rocks and build our collection of shining, family joy.

PS- Our costume inspiration.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An adventure in a bag.

Since I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday, Duke is off of work for a short while to take care of us all. While he took Iggy to his ballet class this morning I had the chance to pack and adventure bag for the boys.

Adventure bag contents:
1. a picnic lunch
2. extra bread for the ducks
3. a photo scavenger hunt list and camera

It was so nice to have a few hours to relax while they were out.

And they returned with wonderful photographs from their hunt to share with me.

(Sister would like throwing rocks in water.)

(Don't ask me why he does that. But it's pretty hilarious.)

(They're thankful for the world.)

What a very very good day it's been.

And to top it off, my mom just brought me a Jamba Juice. Yes!

Hungry girls.

We might possibly get that super-chubby-baby we've always dreamed about. She eats like she's a contestant in a pie-eating contest, only she's not eating pie and there are fewer spectators.

I feel as if I haven't been full in weeks. It's actually been pretty miserable. Soon after she was born I came down with a pretty severe case of mastitis and I was put on antibiotics. These particular pills had to be taken four times a day and always on an empty stomach. So when my nursing body cried out for food at odd times, I just moped. For ten days.

Yesterday I had my wisdom teeth out (OUCH). A cool liquid and soft food diet is the pits. I want something hot and savory in the worst way, especially after all this yogurt and pudding and instant breakfast.

I think I might just cook a whole Turkey and eat it by myself as soon as I can chew.

Monday, October 24, 2011

nerdy excited.

This weekend my lovely sisters from church threw a party to welcome our baby girl to the world!

What a blessing it was for our family! I was so incredibly excited. Nerdy excited. I had to laugh when I looked through the pictures from the shower and realized that, along with nursing a baby in front of everyone, I'd made total goober faces while I was opening gifts.

Good thing she was adorable enough for the both of us. Have I bragged lately about how beautiful she is?

I love having a community of women who love me. My mom, auntie, and sisters, and the wonderful friends in the women's organization that I so treasure; The Relief Society. These women give of themselves so willingly. I hope to follow their sweet examples and pay it forward through my life to those women who need me.

At the next baby shower I'll be glad to be behind the camera, witnessing such nerdy excitement on the face of another lady.