Wednesday, February 27, 2013

play me a song to set me free.

i've got cabin fever.

i've got it, too.

so we're off! we're out of here! not even kidding we are driving across two states in the next four days and it's going to be an ADVENTURE!!!

hey, did i tell you my epiphany about the reason my depression hit me so hard this last go-around?

hey, have i written about some of my ideas for truly helpful things to circulate on pintrest?

hey, did i mention that my sister is getting married?

well, you're going to have to wait until i get back, because i need to pack, ya'll. i'm looking forward to reentering this outlet with pictures of something besides... well, of something. how many photos does one need of "cabin fever?"

baby on a bench.

checked up.

i haven't picked my camera up in days.

that's not a good sign.

i can feel myself slipping into an uninspired-spiral.

so i forced myself to charge the battery.

and ordered myself to take it with me to the dentist.

i'm glad i brought it because it bought us some wait-time in entertainment value.

now i have a bunch of shots of strangers in the lobby (who i thought were bothered by us but were surprisingly smiling in the pictures.) i also have lots of photos of myself pacing around and filling out paperwork. mostly butt shots.

yesterday the kids and i started browsing through old home videos and i started to feel very down on myself for not being as cool as i used to be.

i think i have a problem with comparing the worst of myself to the best of my-pior-self.

but i'm just going to stop being dumb and start being awesome, one drop at a time.

eat your heart out, voldemort.

spirit week.

oh, i love spirit week.

one of the awesome things about having kids is that they sort-of inherit your nerdy quirks and interests.

when i asked which book character he wanted to be for today's theme he replied enthusiastically, "HARRY POTTER!"

i guess that no body else chose to be Harry (whaaaaaa?) so Liam was "the man." there are reports of loud gasps from full classrooms as he walked by.

Liam's best friend at school went as a hobbit.

so, that's basically awesome.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

wake up, lady spring.

just when i think we're about to kick this horrible cough it gets worse. is there anything so bleak as an illness that keeps the world in winter?

on the bright side, we have been able to snuggle and watch Narnia movies. oh, isn't Aslan wonderful?

mattew called in sick yesterday to stay and take care of me. just now i called him and he said he was planning on coming home in a few minutes for he's caught the ghastly bug. so there's that special treat. we can snuggle and sniffle together.

our new mattress is being delivered today. super pillow top. if we curl up and die, at least we'll do it comfortably.

Monday, February 18, 2013

bed time.

Finn, unpictured, was likely downstairs dumping a gallon of milk out in the kitchen.

chore idea.

i put a mixture of super fun assignments and less-desirable tasks together...

and stuck them in a bowl.

it would have worked awesome except that Liam pulled out "give mom a hug and a kiss" first and Finn drew "do a silly dance" first. Ossi, on the other hand drew, "gather all the toys from downstairs and take them upstairs" which is his absolute least favorite chore in the whole wide world.

so from that moment on this game was "really stupid."

Ossi eventually came around when i pulled out a bunch of papers at once and let him choose one half to do and one half to put back.

maybe this idea will work for you. :)

good dog.

this is "Kiss." or sometimes "Chocolate Kiss." or sometimes "Cherry Chocolate Kiss."

his name might change often but the love Finn has for this little guy never does.

there's just something so darling about a stuffed animal in the bath tub.

it reminds me of how real these little toys are to their children.

click here for a lovely shot of Ossi's puppy love from a few years ago.

good stuff.

the weather has been ridiculously awesome. thank you, Father.

i got into a car accident (my fault) but no one was hurt. thank you, Father.

the kids have been sick so we've had so much time together. thank you, Father.

my niece and nephew are so beautifully happy. thank you, Father.

my kids are love me and i love them back. thank you, Father.

my brother is in love with the most wonderful woman.

i have some of the best friends anyone could hope for.

our lives are full of good stuff.

thank you, Father.

thank you, Father.

thank you, Father.

love, unfeigned.

look at sweet Ossi, biting his nails. he was so excited to give Tiffany his card.

Liam gave Tarah the card and hid behind me. he kept quietly asking, "did she read the back yet?" it said, "will you be my valentine?" he got so embarrassed that he retreated back to where i'd left the stroller.

just as we were about to leave the awkward scene Tiffany said, "what about loves?"

you can bet that Liam was back on the porch in a flash.

the day i had to stop babysitting these girls was one of the roughest days i've ever experienced. i fell so in love with them and it broke my heart to say goodbye. their mom and i were not on the best terms so there was a period of time when the girls wouldn't even talk to me when i saw them at their school. i'd catch them looking at me and they would immediately look away.

i tried a few different things to let them know that i still loved them. one day i painted a heart on my palm and held my hand up to them. i couldn't bear the thought that they might think i'd abandoned them.

it's taken over three months to overcome the bad feelings. their mom and i made amends, though i've never (to this point) felt right offering to watch the girls for her again. i am so happy i get to hug them. i don't think i've ever loved children who aren't my own flesh and blood the way i love these little women.

it was always a sacrifice to care for them, but i will forever be grateful for the gifts i received. for love unfeigned.

family date.

buying a new bed.  chugging cherry cream soda. teaser shopping at a toy store.

the mattress store was all but deserted. lovely. the kids tried every bed and naturally picked the most expensive one in the store as their favorite. we opted for "reasonable."

it took a long time before Evy would let us put her down on a bed. she thought we were going to make her take a nap.

a stranger saw me taking pictures of the boys. she stopped me and said, "is that one yours?" pointing to Ossi. she went on to tell me that he'd been looking at things a couple of isles down and he'd accidentally tipped a bunch of stuff off of a shelf. she'd been so fascinated at his behavior that she'd paused her shopping to watch him painstakingly restore every toy to its proper place, wiggling them into position with great care, standing back to look over the scene before making minor adjustments and then skipping off. i was one proud mama.

my husband and i have too much fun together. i love that our senses of humor have basically become one. we laugh at the same moments and over the same things. we both thought the grown men battling with beyblades was pretty hilarious. and the non-stick frying pans found amidst the play-things have had us going for a couple of days. we might have expected this from a store that carried a wide variety of stock but we were in a specialty store filled with only toys. last night we were putting away dishes and matt handed me a frying pan to put in the kids' room, which totally cracked us up all over again.

tired kids. melt down. back to car.

happy family.