Thursday, February 24, 2011

the me i like.

I was watching a video I made back in September. The movie hit time-mark 3:46 and I caught myself wondering, "where did that woman go?"

The me I like finds so many things to rejoice about. The me I like is contagious.

How did I catch what I've got now?

I'm trying not to be too hard on my newly-pregnant, heavily burdened self (the one who can hardly make it through a sentence without complaining), but I miss that woman.

I needed a good cry today. The type of cry that extracts all freewheeling emotional shrapnel. I found that cry here. And here. And I return constantly to this one for an uplifting purging of emotion (especially for a mother of boys).

Now to work on becoming that woman and more, made wiser through each trail.

Monday, February 21, 2011

wook-uht me.

Lately he can't stop yelling "wook-uht me, guys!"

Other favorites of his are "yee-haw," "I have som-hing to tehw you," and "SUPWIZE!"

And I've never been so afraid to let a kid pick out his own clothes in the morning.

I don't want to forget any of it.

Love you, Iggy-man.

Post Edit: Oh, I just remembered one more! He says "'Scuse me, scuse me, scuse me, scuse me.....uh..........I dunno."

Like I said, I don't want to forget a moment!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

all hail breaks loose.

Sometimes life's ice falls so fast and so hard. We seem hard-wired to look for shelter and pray for the storm to pass.

I wasn't prepared for this today. I thought by now the sun would be here to stay. It's too cold for me, too wet for me, too much for me.

But then, upon closer examination, the storm's yield is so very beautiful.

This is a precious experience. I don't know why I missed it before. This is too gracious of Him, too compassionate of Him, too much for Him to be giving me.

The thought hardly occurs before the sun appears.

And it's over.

I'm glad I didn't completely miss the splendor in the storm, though I wish I'd seen it sooner.

Monday, February 14, 2011


We're talking seasons here. Now is the season for collapsing into each others arms in fatigue each night after the kids go down. Now is the season for late-night talks about our feelings and hopes, or children and worries.

This season is important in the building of a multidimensional love. But I can't help missing the summers of life a little bit... can't help feeling like we've become a little boring... and too tired to spice it up, haha.

That's ok though. Because I love him. We're in it for forever. And summer's on its way again.

Do you ever like to look through pictures from your courtship and feel so giddy for your young selves?

Things were simpler, yes. But I always knew I wanted more than simple with the man I love. No trades for me, no sir. I'm right where I aught to be, beside the love of my whole life (even the tedious parts).

Monday, February 7, 2011

hug the world.

We want to share some love....

because this month seems like the perfect month to give our hearts freely....

to anyone in this world who needs some lovin'!

Do you have any kiddos who like to get mail as much as mine?

Email us at with an address and some first names of your tykes if you'd like to receive a valentines day treat from the pickles.

Right after I took this photos, Iggy smooched Alaska.

Awe, man! He totally should have given it an Eskimo kiss!

Happy love month!

scenes from the weekend.

You'll have to imagine the greenest grass you've ever seen.

Sparky learned that getting out of the tree is the hard part.

Iggy learned that he can do many things he couldn't do last fall and that realization completely changed his frustrated attitude.

Fitz conquered stairs and slides and walking.

Is it selfish of me to assume the sun was out just for my benefit?

My kids both realized they needed to go #2 in the middle of our walk. We took a lot of breaks on the way home. Hold it in, boys. Ok, I will reign in my information-sharing now, I promise.

I think my vacuum is completely full of beads from our sleep-over/jewelry making party.

Did I mention that there were SIX extra kids sleeping over? Heaven.

It made me realize that I could totally have more. (As long as they like to make crafts with me all day long.)

Maybe a girl... someday... please?

Sparky is Rapunzel. Iggy is the prince. Daddy is the tower. I love this man.

I love him so much I made another baby with him. (You should be glad right about now that I committed to stop sharing too-much-information earlier in this post.)

Best weekend ever.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

mirror image adventure.

To make pretty designs we danced with our scarves and recorded ourselves in mirror image.

It's days like today that make me think "I could do exactly this for the rest of my life."

And if I keep watching inspiring and informational videos on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint's website (like this one), I might just float up to heaven.

POST EDIT: I added another video because I thought it would be fun to show what was happening in the other side of the room. I feel like I'm looking through a super happy kaleidoscope, and I can't help but share! Enjoy!

discovering dust.

a beautiful mess.