Friday, July 31, 2009

Inspired by so many of you!

You bloggers, you are amazing. I am so inspired by all the posts I've been reading. Inspired to try new things and be a better person. J Peri inspired me for the millionth time with this post. You must go check her out. It took me a while to realize that she is only 13 years old! She's just got so much figured out.
Precious pictures buried in my computer.
Here it goes:

This is a representation of the pictures buried in the laptop. We're on vacation away from my baby, the desktop with a 1 terabyte external hard drive filled with my pictures. It's better that way, or this project may have taken months.

This was entirely self-indulgent and incredibly fun. J Peri was right.

I've been reminded of my love for Public Transportation

Emily inspired me. I love her blog, and I especially love this post about how she "nerds out" on the metro. It reminded me of a post I wrote last February and posted on our private family blog, but never shared here at the pickle.

Here is that post:
(The context- I went to visit Duke for a weekend while he was on his 4-month internship in San Francisco, early this year. We spent our time there with no kiddos!)

The thing about CARS is... you're stuck. You can sort of look at the buildings, but there's never any parking, and it would make a lot of people mad if you decided just to stop a while to look at things closer.

Here we are on a BUS. We can get off any time we want to look at something. Plus, we get to hear about drug deals gone south from the guy sitting behind us. Look how happy we are!

Until. I spot a "Wicked" sign and get sad because all of the tickets are sold out.

I bet you'd enjoy the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport). We did.
But then we started imagining that this guy had a bomb, and we sort of freaked ourselves out. He left his backpack on a seat and started heading for a door. I pointed it out to [Duke] and he told me to pick up my stuff and get ready to run. But then the guy looked at a map and walked back to his seat.

My favorite was the variety of Airport Transport including trams, escalators and moving sidewalks.

The JOY is in the JOURNEY.


That was a fun walk down memory lane! My hair really has grown! Woo!

I was going to buy one of those signs that says "simplify" but it just would have been more junk for my walls.

This is what we are doing today.
Every impulse from my brain is telling me, "Grab that stuff before someone buys it! It's useful!"

That's how I grew up. We do not let go of things. Duke and I, while driving down to visit his mom (that's where we are now), decided that when we return to our apartment we are going to give away everything but the bones of our home.

We must have been really adamant in our resolve, for we thought Sparky had been sleeping through our discussion, but as we pulled into Wells, Nevada, a small voice from the backseat squeaked, "I want to purge my life."

I think that was the go-ahead for the mass toy-exodus.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Duke and my Dad

My Duke is the best kind of daddy. Here he is letting Sparky ram into him with the swing and nock him over.
There are some things about my dad that I married in Duke. I guess because Duke was so young when we met, I never noticed these similarities, but as we've started our family certain traits that were just buds have blossomed.

My dad was famous for playing a game that he called "Gollum" when I was growing up. All the kids at the playground ran from him as he tromped around, pretending to be a monster. The game had more rules and conditions, and attracted crowds of many, many children. My dad was there for anyone who needed a father to play with.

I smiled as I watched Duke yesterday. He is my prince charming.
I guess I was subconsciously watching for these traits while I was dating.

What about your dad do you love and hope for, or see, in your prince charming?

Dear Tamsin

Little Sister,

You held hands with a boy for the first time. This makes me giddy, and a little bit frightened. When I come, we are going to re-arrange and redecorate your room. We will bake goodies and heart attack your friends. Plus you can tell me all about your honors classes and play practice and I will try not to fall asleep while you are talking.

Oh, and did I mention the face-paint photoshoot I have planned for you?

There are only 4 people living at home now. Mom, Dad, Emily, and You. How did my apartment with Duke suddenly become more crowded than your home? It's weird.

Can't wait to invade for a few months. Weeeee get to share a room again! Hooray!

I love you.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Down with boob-sweat.

I'm going swimming. Every. Day.
Anyone else wish they were an A-cup?

Monday, July 27, 2009

The light at the end of the tunnel

Without Duke I'm just the cookie part of an ice-cream sandwich.
I'm just the kite string.
Without him I feel a little like act two of "Into the Woods."
He is R2D2 and I am C3Po. As nerdy as that is. Actually I'm pretty sure he's C3Po. He knows everything. He is cautious. And he sort-of walks like him. But that is not what I meant to write about.
I know when I leave for Oregon, I will be with the boys. And my mom and dad. And my brothers and sisters. But the thought of 4 months without my love is making my tummy hurt.
I better enjoy the time I have left.
I'm going to go find him and smooch him. Right now.

School will end. He'll come to me. We'll have our baby and give said child a name. And then we're going to write a new list of goals and start to work again.

Yikes. I said I was going to go find and smooch him. And I haven't yet!

No time like the present.

Happy Tuesday to you.