Friday, June 28, 2013

you are my favorite characters.

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a physics lesson.

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i love it when...

i love it when i can hear him singing or humming behind me...
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i love it when he brings me the flowers he found in our garden...
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i love it when he comes bounding to show me his latest inventions...
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i love it when he wakes up in the morning and tugs on the back of my shirt to say hello...
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i love it when his giggling sounds through our home...
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i love it when this boy is near me.

life of riley.

The dance festival was a huge success. We loved every moment. Grandma and Grandpa were the champions of the weekend, playing with the kids for two long days while we got our dance on!
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My sister danced so beautifully. Can't wait to post some videos and tell some stories!
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Evy had her fingers smashed in a door and one of her nails popped clean off. You can sort-of see it in these {heavenly hug} photos...
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We are so excited about the latest church broadcast we had. And about having family come stay this weekend. And about the beautiful world around us!
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So happy.

the front lawn.

One summer a man and his wife went to great lengths to give their family an adventure to remember. They planned an array of trips to prime destinations. At the end of their exciting vacation the father asked his son, "which was your favorite part of our summer?"

"The night we laid in the front lawn together and watched the stars," the son answered.
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This is our summer of little moments at home.
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Yesterday we sat on the trampoline for a half-hour and silently {with a few giggles her and there} watched our cat chaise a dragonfly.
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As dinner time approached I felt so discouraged when I walked into the kitchen and there were dirty dishes as far as the eye could see. So after a little prayer I felt inspired to grab a blanket and head out to the front yard. We played well past hunger and then grabbed a burger. It was priceless.
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I feel to repeat the common admonition, "don't worry, be happy."
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Friday, June 21, 2013

get buried up to our necks in sand

ticking items from our live list!
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seriously, the best part is watching everyone try to get out. we were cracking up.
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my first life-loves.

i was tempted to "get lost" on the drive home.

you know when conversations are so good and mutually uplifting and even groundbreaking and you never want them to end? you know the times when you sit in the driveway for an extra hour before dropping a friend off?

i had a lovely time at the beach but it was simply heaven driving to and from with my little brother, bren.

can i get a "huzzah" for siblings?
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emily was sitting in the back with the kiddos for the drive.

you know, i just adore that girl. who'd have thought that a 16 year gap could start to close between us?

if i've learned anything it's that there is always hope for family relationships. we invest in each other and watch our bonds become the most fulfilling features of this life.
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did you know that i was very good at being the older sister growing up?

by this i mean i was the bossiest, nosiest, know-it-all of a bully. once i kicked joey off or a bunk-bed and he broke his collar bone. i stabbed bren in the butt-cheek with a pickle fork and he had to get stitches. we used to do this thing called "upside down T" where i'd make one of my brothers lay on the floor and i'd stand on his stomach for as long as i could. i'd yell, "upside down T!" and they'd fall to the floor.

to my amazement they've forgiven me for all that. joey, who suffered most from my rudeness, has become one of my greatest friends. we are raising our kids in a paralel. we give each other help and strength and the comfort of knowing we're not alone in our struggles with children.

we silently rejoiced together to leave the beach novelty stores without having had a crew-member break something.
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we missed tamsin who was a state away suffering in her college apartment with the worst sunburn she's ever had. happily she's got her wonderful, new husband by her side. they were both miserably sunburned this last weekend.

we've started planning a disneyland trip for a year and a half from now. the thought of being all together in such a magical place fills me with Christmas-eve-caliber excitement.
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one last cheer for sibling love!