Monday, October 21, 2013

life of riley.

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bright lights, big city.

kids are full of light. i love watching the way people stop what they are doing to watch them shine. the whole time they played by the river there was an old man sitting on a park bench with a giant smile on his face. i think he could feel their life force. photo lambright-21_zps72042cb3.jpg photo lambright-19_zps13f6d74c.jpg photo lambright-23_zpseac82f90.jpg photo lambright-20_zpscf8d6dc4.jpg photo lambright-22_zps15331f33.jpg photo lambright-26_zps5ae369b3.jpg photo lambright-24_zps8a768dfa.jpg photo lambright-25_zpse22d2f05.jpg
finn took a picture of me trying to get in touch with matt's sister katie. oh, i love her! i am so glad she is living with us right now. she moved up from nevada a few weeks ago and we are loving it. she was up in portland at a job interview and we thought we'd come along. afterward her interview we all went to OMSI.
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i love the big city. but i especially love my four bright lights.

evy turned two. nuts, right?

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

good timbers

what am i doing? what was i thinking?

i curl up into a little ball on the couch and cover my head with a blanket.

matt's in the kitchen, stricken with inexplicable nerves.

the kids are like buzzing flies that beg to be swatted.
 photo _DSC8343_zpscf97a53d.jpg
that happens sometimes when an a person with anxiety marries a person with depression.

i am listening to our church's general conference. i hear, "mothers do so much good in the home" and "of greatest importance are the responsibilities parents have to teach their children." and i think, "what am i doing? what was i thinking?" i don't want to go to school right now. my dream has always been to stay at home with my children and to invest all my energy into them and my husband. this dream goes along with the values at the very core of me. plus my husband is unwell. so what am i doing? what was i thinking?
 photo _DSC8406_zpsa82f7510.jpg
then i remember the intense inspiration. i prayed, "okay Father, if i'm supposed to become a doctor you're going to have to hit me over the head with the confirmation because now is really not a good time." and my chest filled with lead. i knew i was supposed to go back to school, and i knew that i would be a doctor.

so now that i've seen how hard it is to balance and perform in my responsibilities as a mother and a student i'm really being tempted to doubt my abilities. doubt the timing. doubt the reality that this is exactly what Heavenly Father wants for our family right now.
 photo _DSC8133_zps33f3faa5.jpg
another thought from general conference comes to me... it may not make sense without some context so i'll tell you that this is advice given to leaders who sometimes must round up people to help with community service.

"You may well have been inspired not to ask someone to help load and then unload that truck. As a leader you know your quorum members and their families well. The Lord knows them perfectly.
He knows whose wife was near the breaking point because her husband was unable to find time to do what she needed done to care for her needs. He knows which children would be blessed by seeing their father go one more time to help others or if the children needed the feeling that they matter to their father enough for him to spend time with them that day. But He also knows who needs the invitation to serve but might not appear to be a likely or willing candidate.
You cannot know all your quorum members perfectly well, but God does. So, as you have done so many times, you prayed to know whom to ask to help serve others. The Lord knows who will be blessed by being asked to help and whose family will be blessed by not being asked."

i may not understand why God would ask me to go to school when i've always wanted to be is a dedicated and devoted stay-at-home mother, and when so many of the women i admire are stay-at-home mothers, but i do believe He knows me and that He knows my kids.

the other day liam walked up to me watching a video online and said, "let me guess, more science." i overheard him saying to his brother who was complaining about going to school, "mom loves school." maybe there are some babies here who need to learn, by example, to love learning. don't ask me how this is supposed to help matthew when he's struggling most. that's where trust in the Lord comes into play.

so, it's really, really hard going to school. i don't have time for anything extra. (the last picture is in honor of crafts. RIP crafts.) and just as my desire to serve others is growing my availability to serve others is diminishing. it's hard.

so one more gem from conference...

"Good timber does not grow with ease,
The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.
The further the sky, the greater the length.
The more the storm, the more the strength.
By sun and cold, by rain and snow,
In trees and men good timbers grow."

childhood bliss.

 photo _DSC8286_zps93bd1fbc.jpg photo _DSC8296_zpsf7c06be2.jpg photo _DSC8311_zpsb4143570.jpg photo _DSC8309_zps1b90b1a0.jpg photo _DSC8318_zpseb1b27a9.jpg

that kid.

today when i picked ossi up from school he told me he has six girls that are friends but no girl-friend because he's not old enough.

the other day he hid under his table in class for so long that all of the teachers and administrators thought they'd lost a kid. mass panic. i keep picturing him sniggering quietly while everyone is freaking out. it's not hard to picture.
 photo _DSC8152_zps4a3be08e.jpg
the morning of his school jog-a-thon he dressed the part, ate a huge breakfast for extra energy, and jogged around the house all morning to warm up.

a teacher walked up to a group of us parents who had come to watch. she pointed ossi out, not knowing he belonged to me. "you know what kid i just love? that kid. he is definitely pumped, look at his little sweat-band!"
 photo _DSC8159_zpsd6ab24ef.jpg
finn joined in for one, very leisurely lap.
 photo _DSC8166_zpsbf5e9bff.jpg photo _DSC8198_zps8311f8b6.jpg
the kid ran 16 laps, the same as his big-brother. and kept his ample enthusiasm the entire time.
 photo _DSC8212_zpsd8571009.jpg
oh, i love him.