Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a very long summary.

sometimes i sit down to write a blog post and the only thing that comes out is a bunch of nonsense. basically i end up taking a really long time to say something that should have not even been said because it's so common knowledge.

like, a minute ago i sat down and wrote many ridiculous words and the sum them was less than the value of the parts. two giant paragraphs when all i really meant to say was, "my experiences are shaping me." no duh, megan.

sometimes making my words fit with the pictures is simply too much of a stretch. my body has a life (recorded in pictures) and my mind has a life (shared through writing), but they don't always correlate in very clear ways.

here. lists. that sounds organized.

things i've been thinking about:
1. we are not supposed to be perfect parents because our kids need crap to overcome.
2. what's with all of the dyes and additives in our food?
3. there are several gallons of paint in the garage and i don't have any desire to utilize them as previously planned.
4. i hope my siblings marry kind hearted people (so far so good).
5. my husband and kids are super cool.

things i've been doing:
1. watching three extra kids again
2. camping in washington with family
3. cooking on a limited budget and with many dietary constraints
4. visiting with in-town friends.
5. staying up too late watching downton abby with my husband.

basically, i just did it again.

i could have summed this all up with the common-mom-knowledge sentiment "my body is so tired but my brain won't stop."

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a secret.

Sparky and I have been keeping Auntie Tamsin's secret for WEEKS. Finally we get to tell the world!!!

Not a second too soon! One of us was bound to spill the beans. Sparky kept that secret pretty well, but unfortunately he told her other secret.

I think that missionary might have been pleased to hear that she likes him... I mean, just look at this babe.

Monday, August 27, 2012

their bodies speak.

when do we stop showing on the outside what we're feeling on the inside?
let's bring back the ear-to-ear grin of giddiness. the high-kick of utter radness. the... push-up/round-off of pure jubilation.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

today i love...

today i love that excited moment when we can answer "yes" to their "are we there yet?"
usually, for our dawdley family, it's in the middle of the night.

we unbuckle car-seat straps and the babies burst forth from the car like flint-sparks.

the strained nerves from the long drive are instantly soothed.

i find it very funny that the drive is so long and the excited moment is so fleeting. even funnier is the fact that we keep taking trips, forgetting the intensity of the labor involved and focusing on the memory of the fireside laughter. the kids faces as we tell late-night goblin stories. the combination warm sleeping bags and cold, fresh breaths of air.


half way.

we decided to have a Book of Mormon marathon. we decided to read the whole thing (500+ pages of small print) out load together as sisters (plus Tamsin's adorable friend).
we decided to be very organized. we decided that we would bring a wonderful spirit to our home. we decided that it would be totally possible with my four, young kids running around.
we decided it would take us three solid days. but we forgot to factor in our family's great tenancy toward distraction.

half way is not so bad. we did have some lovely moments while reading of Christ.

the other half will just give us an excuse to spend every waking moment together next week, too.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

back to basics

i'm so proud of my husband.

he's lost around 30lbs in the last six months. he's completely changed the way that he eats, becoming an inspiration to our whole family.

he's always been incredibly handsome, and a remarkable provider, now i just feel a calm assurance that he'll be around much, much longer.

i sort-of love how boring we are right now, just focusing on the basics of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 

so boring that there's nothing more to blog about.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mormon stuff.

i thought that a shot of moe screaming into a box fan would be an appropriate way to begin.

this recount of the last two weeks should have some sort of poem, i think... so i'll make one up...

the fridge was somehow
full but today it's bare
bathroom floor's now
tiled with used underwear

mom has a man-voice
that's raw from speaking
lecturing about choice
smiling to keep from freaking

...and that's the best i've got.

i know it's been a hectic couple of weeks when i've only taken a handful of photographs. for an adequate expression of my brain-happenings look to the following three pictures...
kindergarten camp (parent),  road show(choreographer and dancer),  music camp (teacher), helping people move, visiting with out-of-town family. along with the regular family home evening, visiting teaching, scripture study, prayer, and tending three extra kids.

i think i'm going to add a link on the side of my blog to a glossary of terms that are commonly used among mormons. because, basically, i live at the church.

when i think about my many commitments i really do feel like i'm rocketing down a steep hill on a block of ice. asking myself, "what did i just get myself into?" and "why am i dong this again?" then i just let go of my fear and enjoy the ride. looking back up the hill i'm usually pretty glad i did the darn thing, whatever it was.

i lost my purse and someone found it at church. a got it right back and i made a friend. a little piece of zion.

looking into my closet this morning i could only find my scout-shirt. sometimes i laugh at how mormon i am.
my kids will grow up in the halls of a church building. they'll be experts at folding and putting away metal chairs and sweeping gym floors. they'll benefit from the constant effort of a tremendous lay ministry. and they'll have the opportunity to become part of it as they are asked to help and serve. i love that.

the music camp leaders are church members age 12-18 who willingly gave a week of their summer without expecting any compensation. when things get nuts i am inspired by that sort of example. i know my children are the direct benefactors of their sacrifice.

sometimes i worry that i don't spend enough time teaching my kids. then i see them doing things that they obviously picked up from watching duke and me. i'm not so worried.

i'm so happy to be a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, especially during this important time raising my children.

i would love to write more about my testimony. i would love to send you a letter (in the mail, because that's more fun). anyone. email me if you have questions, or if you are just looking for a little spiritual uplift and i will write to you.

much love,
megan marie