Thursday, March 31, 2016


hello little star.
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did you know you have the most adorable tired-laugh? your voice gets so low and your giggles so fast. you fall on the floor and smile until your eyes can't see anything.
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yesterday you told me that the reason that we have cheeks is so that they can get all high and puffy when we smile. also, you explained, cheeks allow us to hook each corner of our mouth and pull our lips. then we can stick our tongues out and make that la-la-la-la sound. your demonstration of the process was quite informative.
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little star, when you like something you really REALLY like it. forever. and you talk about it and think about it and show everyone as often as you can.
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and that's how i feel about you.

one magic sunday.

one magic sunday.
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finn and i found where the fairies go for water.
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a little lake ringed by flower petals.
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finn told me all about the fairy world.
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and i fell in love with earth and water and life and light and color all over again.
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the whole walk there was a rainbow leading precisely to our house and when we arrived the weather changed and it left.
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but we found treasure waiting for us anyway.
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visiting grandma in the hospital.

her knee replacement surgery was a total success. grandma will be riding bikes with us in no time.
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the kiddos were very considerate and loving as we visited. they sure love their grandma.
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i love the way they're so sweet to each other when they forget not to be.  photo marchhhh 78 of 142_zpszflgnzqp.jpg
they tune in for an episode of charlie and lola and where once they were crowded and fussy they turn to snuggle-mush.
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can i bottle those freckles and box up the gradient of hair shades?
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one nurse really fell for these kids and took them for rides around the hallways in a wheelchair. she snuck them graham crackers and milk and even a candy bar each.
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i'm so glad for the adventures that come along with being in a loving, supportive family. i wouldn't wish the hospital on anybody, but it is sure a joy to visit when the chance arises.

this day.

this was a wear-holes-in-jean-bottoms day.
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a come-home-missing-your-socks day.
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an i-can't-remember-what-was-so-funny-but-we-laughed-alot day.
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there were you-look-just-like-my-daughter moments.
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and i-could-watch-you-play-forever moments.
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(that's one for the history books.)
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here we are. in the season of you-might-actually-remember-this-day.
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or you-might-actually-remember-some-small-detail-of-this-day.
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you might remember the way the park paths wove below you.
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you might remember the feel of wet socks and slippery shoes while trying to climb.
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you might remember overcoming some fear.
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or you might remember facing a fear and walking away a bit defeated.
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you probably won't remember a lot about the book, but when you read it again as an adult it will set your mind grabbing at some day.
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

the temple.

peace prevails.
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not in every moment of every day.
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just overall. on the whole. in general.
 photo marchhhh 52 of 142_zps45g7ebf4.jpgthere is peace.
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when we're putting the kids to bed and ossi is struggling it's tempting to be reactive and irritated. the other night when we asked him to change his behavior he rudely responded, "you should be used to this by now. just deal with it."
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i don't know if there is ever one perfect way to parent in these types of situations, really. they are totally stress-inducing. all i know is that even though these moments are happening just as often as ever, that peace stays intact when it broke before.
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matt and i both feel it. and we think it's coming from the temple. we've been going there often to reflect and pray, to learn and serve. when we go to the temple we renew our commitment to each other, to our children, to our Heavenly Father.
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and to help us through keep those covenants there's this gift of persistent peace.
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"I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." (John 14: 18, 27)