Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The fullest life

The following is my exploration into the phrase “living life to the fullest.”

My interest in this subject has grown out of my having read the some of the Internet questionnaires that my friends have completed through email or via facebook. Specifically the question “Are you living life to the fullest?” with the repeated answer “no.”

What do (I /they/ you) consider a full life? Having no empty space, maybe?
To help in my analysis, I started thinking about the different ways that the word “full is used. Of particular interest (just think about it);
• My heart is full
• She is full of confidence
• When he died he thought he’d lived a full life

Does obtaining “the fullest” mean parties, world-travel, experiences, positions, account balances, body type…? I would venture to say that living a full life has little to do with acquisitions and centers, to a greater extent, on attitude.

What would you be doing different if there were no obstacles? I have asked this to a few women who feel a lack of fulfillment and it has surprised me that they could not answer. It seems to me that the shortage of a thought-out comparison between deepest desires and present conditions exposes where their lives are lacking. Enthusiasm. Retaining a remembrance of their dreams when those dreams become reality.

In most cases, ladies, you are living your dream! That explains you are finding it difficult to think of anything you would change about your circumstance.

That covers the big picture, now what about the details?

I would LOVE to be traveling the world right now. A personal chef and a new wardrobe would be pretty nice. But when I am on my deathbed will I be saying, “I had so many shoes, what a full life I lived”? I certainly hope not! Someday I will be able to travel, but I would hate to wish away my children over it. They are the bigger dream, and they can be part of my smaller dreams and even make their actualization sweeter.

I am a huge fan of silliness, I have a passion for photography, and I like to remind myself that just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean that I can’t be totally hot. These things translate into my desire to do fashion photo-shoots. Yes, I am that much of a nerd. This is, in a way, a little ambition of mine. Today I went out with Laura and got a little bit silly. We took the boys. Sparky played in the snow and laughed at our shenanigans. We took a detour to stop and admire giant construction tools with wheels, just for him. Yes, the dressing up and parading about was something that I wanted to do, that had nothing to do with a need or want of his, but sharing that with him made it all the more lovely. Plus, I am a big believer in teaching my children that I am real person with real feelings, not a robot whose soul purpose is their every whim. I hope my children will always be able to see that I have passions and desires, dreams and even follies, because they need to know that they are allowed the same.

To find if you are “living life to the fullest” do some self-analysis. What is your measuring stick telling you if your life good or not? How can you know that you are unhappy if you have forgotten what makes you happy? You may be living a more full life than you think. Reestablish your destination before you decide how your progress is coming along. If there are things lacking after the analysis, get excited for the new you! Do things you’ve always wanted to do and just modify them to fit into your present circumstances. You are spunky and free as a bird, as long as you believe you are.


Laura said...

So spicy! I've been thinking about it too since we spoke about it yesterday and I would still say I'm living life to the fullest. I love my life. There are parts of it that make me sad but I didn't cause those parts. I'm sad for the people who are involved but my life isn't making them sad. I hope that makes sense.
I think I realised when I was about 17 what it meant to live life my life more fully. I started asking boys out and when they said 'no' I wouldn't take it hard. I'd find someone else to go out with and have more fun than I would have if they ones who didn't want to go out with me had said 'yes' just because they didn't want to upset me - PLUS they wouldn't have been living their lives to the fullest if they had done that so I'm grateful for their example.

You are a great example of living life to the fullest. I hope that when I'm a mother (to a real child) that I can be like you. If you want to do something there's no stopping you and I'm glad because if you were like a lot of other people we wouldn't be able to be friends just because I don't have kids and you do.

I love you and I think you're great! Thanks for helping me live my life to the fullest!

Laura said...

PS. I love how your blog is living life to it's fullest by having linky words ;)

Megan Marie said...

Matt told me to stop wearing my underwear as outerwear. But that's a sort of love of mine so I don't think I am going to stop.

Laura said...

Stuart told me that I'm not allowed to do it because it defeats the point of 'intimate wear'... poppycock!