Monday, March 2, 2009

change hurts

First thing. North and South. If you haven't seen it, then maybe consider it. It took me a while to get into it because I didn't really think the main character was good-looking so I had a hard time believing that all these guys liked her, but guess what? She is. Or she became pretty in my mind because so many of the other characters were always saying she was "a goddess" or such things. That's how pliable my brain is.

Second. There's a part in the mini-series where she gets clocked in the head with a rock and her head starts bleeding. Every time I see someone in the movies hit their head on something blunt I just can't believe it would really make them bleed. I figure they would just get hideous bumps like the rest of us, but no, they end up with dramatic, gushing injuries.

So, I've been ushering in spring with my usual ritual. I pretend that I'm moving in a week and I take everything off the walls and pack. I then rid my house of winter grime and unpack my belongings like I'm moving into a new apartment. This ritual is more commonly known as "spring cleaning" but I enjoy it more when I assume I am being quirky and original, so I don't call it that.

Thinking myself very clever, I stuck this shelf on the wall because Sparky is always getting into our DVD collection. Today I was crouching down under it getting into my camera equipment when BAM I stood up. Movie-set blood! I am not even kidding. I was laying on the floor trying not to cry in front of my kids when I put my hand up to the bruise and pulled back a red hand! My world is opening up. The movie people were right all along!

All this time I have been so cynical! Maybe they're right about all the explosions, too. Like, usually I laugh when cars crash into buildings and cause mushroom-clouds. This is mind-boggling.

And I cleaned this grate with q-tips.


Glo said...

Too bad I don't have time to come out. I would love a visit with you and the boys. Q-tips??? You need... a diversion. I love you, Mom

Glo said...

And who kissed your boo boo? Did you need stitches or anything? Did you giggle, just a little bit? You know how we are...Bamm! Giggle giggle.

Megan Marie said...

No stitches necessary. I wish you could come out here, too. Then I'd have someone to laugh along with me.

chelsea said...

Megs, I love that movie! I think that you should have been the leading roll though, then I would like it much more.