Thursday, March 5, 2009

One windy day we went for a drive.

Sunshine poured into my windows and promised picnics, playgrounds, and purpose. Then I walked out the door and nearly blew away. We bundled up and ran as fast as we could for the car. Sparky was literally caught up in a gust of wind. Luckily my motherly grip on his wrist was stronger than mother nature and we made it, but only just.

This picture whispers to me... 1)The Lord loves his children more than we can possibly understand. 2)we should probably glue our rearview mirror back on.
This was not exactly the Spring breeze I had imagined when I decided to wear shorts.
I felt crippled in my fight with the wind, as helpless as a small weed. 
But my roots run deep.
From a different vantage, the stormy winds were hardly a concern. All I could see were the blessings that God had promised, pronounced, placed in my way.
And if I had had a rearview mirror, I would have observed two of the dearest treasures He has entrusted to me.
Why complain about the winter when our lives are jam-packed with Spring.


Laura said...

It's a good day to fly a kite! I think I might do that later.

Happy Spring!

Matthew James said...

I am sorry I missed this...*sad face

tell Liam "X,8" for me.