Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Please don't stop being my friend.

I blame it on Boys Don't Cry by The Cure, which was playing in the dressing room when I tried them on.

I know I am not 15 anymore. I will concede that I have hips made for birthing babies. I also am well aware that many scoff at these skinny jeans and the people who wear them. There are so many reasons why I shouldn't have purchased not one but TWO pairs of these beauties. My list of "no's" just couldn't hold me back. 

I've already had one person tell me that my butt looks really round in them. But that's ok. When the Earth was found to be round, people had issues at first, but they eventually gave in to the beauty of it.


Random Hiccups said...

That is too funny! Me in the skinny jeans is just SUCH a no no. Skinny and my body haven't been aqcuainted since I was eight. *shudder*

Glo said...

I think that they are cute. And you're welcome for the birthing babies hips. :)

chelsea said...

I support you wearing skinny jeans. And after I birth this baby, will you please take me shopping so that we can be twins?

Schows said...

Thats it Megan, we're through! I will however say that I don't know if I've seen a fifteen year old look that cute in skinnys, how do you do it girl?!

Jessica Bjorn said...

You look great! I wish my legs looked that good. A little funny though. One of my monitors is tweaking out, and is stretching everything, so I had the browser on that monitor, and you looked so distorted! haha! It took me a second to realize i had to move it over to the other screen! You look great though. but you should try stretch the photo in PS just to see, its pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you keep yourself looking young even if you're a mom. That's really great! And I'm sure Duke loves you in them! :))
p.s. I also have one of those. :)