Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Simple harmonic motion.

To live is to learn. 

Welcome to our science lesson. Today we will study the pendulum.
These experiments require total concentration.

Sparky was struck by his Aunt Tamsin, who is far to big for that swing, and the outcome looked a little like this...

I didn't actually catch a picture of the swing-incident landing (being, at the time, engaged in the small chance of preventing the fall) but never fear. You get the general feel of the outcome given this picture, caught earlier in the day when he had a surprise plunge from a picnic table bench during lunch.

Fastest shutter in the west. 

I did get a hard time for taking a picture before rushing to help. 

I'm that mom.


Margaret said...


Glo said...

I'm glad that you are that mom. I wouldn't be able to share any of the experiences. I know though, that you are that kind of mom that hugs and kisses boo-boos and loves her kids. They know it, too

Emily said...

That is why you will have pictures of all of the moments you will laugh at later. I only think of getting my camera out as an afterthought. Doesn't do much good when I think, "Oh, maybe I should have taken some pictures of that."

Jessica Bjorn said...

Its okay, I do that too... I get some nice glares! But there are never any major injuries, and you get those awesome emotional photos! haha!